Zak Brown recommends a short and round F1 calendar

Zak Brown recommends a short and round F1 calendar

The busy schedule of Formula 1, which promises an increase in tests in the coming years, weighs heavily on drivers and team staff, with McLaren finding that switching between several circuits would be a solution.

How could it be otherwise, System 1 was affected by a great catastrophe of COVID-19 after the world situation worsened by the end of 2019 and, already in 2020, everything exploded without any solution.

Many of the teams that currently form the grid of the first motorsport unit then developed suffering financiallysince there was no competition on the song, the financiers were not willing to maintain a financial agreement under the same conditions, and complaints of consequences.

Similarly, fans of the ‘Great Circus’ who usually go to circles to see one-person chairs swaying face to face or those who had a dream of traveling for the first time saw how restrictions they climbed to the highest levels, something that has never happened in the more than 70 years of history of the game.

More = better?

Regarding calendars, System 1 was adopted from 21 Grands Prix in 2019 to 17 the following year thanks to copies of Austria, Britain and Bahrain, as well as additions to Mugello and Portimao or the rescue of Nürburgring, Imola or Istanbul Park.

In 2021, Qatar Y Saudi Arabia they served to increase the figure to 22 GPs, while the 2022 season of Formula 1 was the longest in history with 23 GPs, but the loss of the Russian GP due to the ongoing war with Ukraine has left 22 nominations again on the table. .

The announcement of the Las Vegas GP from 2023, the third in American soil, has only sparked controversy: and doubled already in the months of March, May, June and Novembertwo even in July and October or triplet Returning from a vacation between August and September, with three consecutive weeks of Form 1 rest, raises the question of how healthy the competition is.

“I think those are three interesting markets, it’s almost a full schedule from an American perspective,” he said. Zack BrownMcLaren chief, in connection with the Austin, Miami and Las Vegas races.

Cycles as salvation

The American leader admitted, despite complaints from staff traveling on each of this season’s races and the pilots themselves, and Fernando Alonso who admitted that if he reached the Grand Prix 25 per season he would retire.that its valid number is not far from the current one.

“If I had a magic wand, I’d like to see something like that Race 21 or 22», Brown agreed, although he would bet he had” 17 or 18 permanent selections and 7 or 8 rounds “, thus distinguishing the market.

“17 or 18 appointments and 7 or 8 that can go around”

“For the game to continue to grow, I believe that the more quality markets we can be in, the better. I think we are running. ‘A-markets’ Y ‘B-soko’. Maybe ‘B markets’ should run every two years, “Brown concluded.

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