“You can buy a Celta or a Ford Ka”, complain users about the price of the new iPhone

“You can buy a Celta or a Ford Ka”, complain users about the price of the new iPhone

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Guabiruba, Thursday, September 8, and Tiago Fagundes from the gate my iPhone. – Users are joking about the price of the new iPhone, which has already been controversial in the Ministry, since the Apple company is accused of selling marriage, considered a crime in Brazil, when selling the cell. phone without charger. Many memes were created by the situation.

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“You can buy a car for the price of an iPhone”

Many users joked about the possibility of buying a car at the price at which the iPhone is sold, which exceeds the mark of R $ 15,000! Others criticized those who were thinking of making the purchase, but who sat, throughout the year, complaining about the price of the product in the market.

“He complained about the price of meat, milk and everything for a whole year, but now he will pay that money with a mobile phone, you will understand, right?”, said one netizen on his social network.

Some even warned about the possibility of making investments with this value. That can yield, when investing in fixed income with a percentage of around 10% per year, a return of R $ 1500. With these funds, it is also possible to invest in stocks and real estate funds to receive some commissions on dividends from companies . .

But to each their own, right? With this in mind, no one could be deterred from buying a mobile phone, despite many critics claiming that it did not present significant changes compared to its predecessor.

Co-selling in Brazil is a crime and the iPhone can be banned from being sold in Brazilian stores

Conducting collective sales in Brazil is a crime as defined in the Consumer Protection Code (article 39, I) and art. 5, II, of Law No. 8,137/90. Companies cannot sell a product that requires another to perform a different function, forcing the user to buy two things as was the case with Apple’s cell phones, which were available without a charger. See what the law says:

“‘conditions for the supply of goods or services for the supply of other goods or services, as well as, without justification, for quantitative limits”

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