WSBK, Scott Redding is sure: the time of skinny cows on BMW is over

WSBK, Scott Redding is sure: the time of skinny cows on BMW is over

Scott Redding has been assured since the end of the WSBK at Donington with all the official BMW staff with him. The Englishman has a two-year contract with the Germans with the option of two more seasons, which should provide peace of mind from the outset. But in particular, the start was disappointing, prompting the ex-Ducati to wonder what he was doing in this Munich galley. He informed it and after the disappointing meeting in Aragon, which is in front of the boss on the site, others were already giving more money to the cooperation between the driver and the Munich logo. And then everything returned to normal …

Boss of BMW Motorrad that had moved Aragon is clearly more than enjoying his journey Donington where he saw his same dejected driver in Spain take the stage on his British soil. An undeniable development that has convinced Scott Redding that it was possible to do something good with this M1000RR. Before descending on Manyon the final stretch of the calendar before the summer break, he says: “ now we play with an orchestra. It is clear that we have made progress. We’ll prove it in the Lottery, because I don’t see things going backwards for us there. We can be less efficient, it is possible. But we will not back down.”

And he remembers the emaciated Spanish cows: “After Aragon it was difficult, I doubted my decision to come to BMW a lot. For me it was swim or sink. Either we pull together and make it work, or we close the book after two years and go our separate ways. I always knew I would fight. Now we have made progress and are getting closer and closer in terms of mutual understanding “.

Scott Redding: I’m telling the truth whether you want to hear it or not

I want to win “, emphasizes the figure’s title BMW in the championship. ” If I don’t win, I put a lot of pressure. Because I’m only here to win. I don’t know about my predecessors, maybe they were softer. After this big step, everyone is happier because we got good results. Now everyone is more relaxed and we can work more calmly. 90% of what I have worked for work. At the same time I am very open and honest. If, deep in my heart, I think something is working but it isn’t, I will accept it. ».

He adds: “ I’m telling the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. This is how you should work. If something is so, so be it. We still have a lot to do and we will continue to work. I will not stop working and pushing each other until we reach the top. I feel like they want the same thing “.

The Englishman ends with his boss, Dr. Markus Schramm: “ having it in the race is great said the 29-year-old pilot fast week. ” He came to Aragon and it was the worst weekend of his life. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I love spending time with him I never had the impression that there were class differences. We are like friends and I can see what it means to him. It was good for him that I was on the podium at Donington and he could see that we were ahead in every race. He came home knowing we were doing the right thing “. Let’s meet in the Czech Republic this weekend to confirm all these great initiatives that have indeed launched a positive synergy.

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