WSBK: Between BMW and Scott Redding rag is already on fire

WSBK: Between BMW and Scott Redding rag is already on fire

Last year, and even before the season ended, Scott Redding knew he would not be re-appointed to Ducati. His 12 wins did not erase the desire to miss the World Cup goal, and the Englishman found refuge in BMW. But you should believe that between the Panigale V4R and the BMW M1000RR with a four-cylinder line engine, there is a huge difference. So much so that after just two meetings, there is already a dispute between the driver and his manufacturer of exchanges in the public domain that does not even cover the nuisance of all parties …

Between BMW and Scott Redding, the incident got off to a bad start with a lot of sadness and misunderstanding as comments flowed into the M1000RR. Turn it on speed weekThe Englishman clarifies the problem: I have my own ideas and opinions, but they go a little contrary to their concept », He says Scott Redding who has run the Ducati V4 for the past three years. ” What I want and feel is different from what they think is right. Not a bad thing, not a good or bad thing. It’s their project and they know what they want. But you must also trust me when I give you my opinion. Sometimes you can’t trust a computer. The computer is very good, it gives you a lot of data, a lot of information. But the computer does not sit on the motorcycle and turn the throttle “.

In the quiet state of BMW, it is the kind of technique that impresses BMW so much that sports boss Marc Bongers volunteered to make music, which is never a good sign … ” The motorcycle has its own DNA and ours is different from normal he said. ” Motorcycles have only different characteristics. I can not say that after a few tests it may already show the direction of development. Of course, we respond to its requirements, but this can only be done within the framework of the motorcycle code and DNA. “.

BMW: ” we found that the bike was more capable than what Scott Redding was capable ofe “

And he explains: In Aragon we saw the bike was more capable than Scott. It’s not suspicious, it’s a statement. We have ongoing strategies to solve the problems he is facing. Scott still can’t benefit from it much more, but things seemed to be better in Assen than Aragon. We now have reliability techniques instead of being completely lost “.

By listening to pilots whose feedback would count down to digital data from a computer, the head of BMW Motorsport standing firm: of course we listen to pilots. You have to listen to the rider and understand what he can do with the bike, what works best and what he can not. From the things he can’t do, you have to come to a conclusion about what you want to change. That’s why you take feedback and then look at technology. Because it is the only way to find a solution or direction. You cannot bypass the computer. There are riders who would prefer to add other items from other manufacturers to the bike because they felt better with them before. But that’s not development, that’s an amateur race “.

There, the characters BMW does not hide the fact that it has been deprived of its memory drive Michael Van der Markwounded, costing him in position, is the pilot of the Bonovo satellite team Loris Baz which offers the most satisfaction from all comments …

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