WRC Ardeca Ypres Rally Belgium 2022, great rally and good news for Grégoire Munster

WRC Ardeca Ypres Rally Belgium 2022, great rally and good news for Grégoire Munster

In one week, Grégoire Munster and Louis Louka will be driving their Hyundai i20 N Rally2 for one of the most important events of the season: the Ardeca Ypres Rally. Grégoire and Louis will participate in the Belgian and WRC2 championships, and will be able to compete against the best in one of the biggest motorsport events in our country. And they’re sure to show off, as the duo have added a few new high-profile events to their schedule for the rest of the season!

Preparations for the Ypres Rally are in full swing, but Grégoire Munster remains as calm and sensible as ever. “Ypres is definitely an important moment and every year we look forward to driving at the highest level in the biggest race of our country. That is true now, but if you really want to play, every race needs the same preparation. So in that respect, it is also ‘business as usual’. »

The ambitions of Grégoire and Louis are clear: they want to be famous in Ypres. “It is impossible to predict the position in Ypres,” he said. “The competition here is very strong, and in WRC2 and in the Belgian championship there are still many battles for the title. Every second counts, and a long race like this, where you are always at the limit, is completely unpredictable. But our goal is definitely to be recognized at this very high level and – why not – put the best international players in front of us. So anything can happen, and the public will certainly be able to enjoy it!”

The fact that the international summit is a reference to Grégoire and Louis in Ypres is no coincidence. Looking ahead to this meeting, they received good news about the rest of their season. WRC2 rounds in Greece and Spain have been added to the schedule. “It’s great news, and it motivates us even more to shine in Ypres,” Grégoire said. “We had already put together a good plan with the budgets of all our partners on the table. But thanks to a special effort from our partner Fleetback, we will be able to go international again in the second half of the season! This is a unique opportunity that allows us, once again , to have a good experience.”

Grégoire and Louis will combine these two races with two other top races in the Belgian championship: the East Belgian Rally and the Spa Rally. “And if I can dream… I hope that our performances here in Ypres and in the upcoming WRC2 meetings will also open doors for us in Japan”, concludes Grégoire Munster. It will continue, but the first meeting next week, in our own Westhoek.