Workers at Mercedes stand in protest over 3,600 layoffs announced by factory management |  Information

Workers at Mercedes stand in protest over 3,600 layoffs announced by factory management | Information

Meeting with the Union yesterday afternoon, the workers of Mercedes, in São Bernardo, approved the suspension of production until next Monday, the 12th. The attitude was taken against the announcement made by the management of the factory, last Tuesday, the 6th, that it intends. laying off 2,200 direct workers and 1,400 part-time workers.

The president of Union and CSE at the carmaker, Moisés Selerges, said that the obstacle is to start teaching the new president of Mercedes how to negotiate. On Tuesday, the 13th, the Union has a meeting with the management of the factory to start the negotiation process.

“Because he is young, we need to teach him some things, to show him that here in São Bernardo is not the same as Berlin, or Stuttgart, it is not the same as Germany. We need to show that the negotiation process takes place around the table. Often, in the negotiation process, not everything that the Union wants will be successful, but also not everything that the company wants will be successful”.

Moisés called his companions for mobilization and remembered that the fight is for everyone. “The problem is not for specific areas, but for all of us, so victory will be for all of us too”.

The leader also reminded the inconsistency of that statement, because until last week people were being employed. “So how does it happen, you hire one week and the next you give notice that you have to fire a job?” This doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense.”

fight for a job

“We see a situation in the country with millions of unemployed people and we do not want to be part of it. We want to fight for our jobs and also for the future of our temporary contract partners, the fight must be for everyone and not only for the areas involved. There are no heroes here, there are people dedicated to fighting, and it can be a long process, we must take a breath”, he concluded.

Truck market and prospects

The executive director of Metallurgists of ABC and CSE in Mercedes, Aroaldo Oliveira da Silva, said that topics such as the state of the truck market, prospects, the need for rezoning, the lack of parts and semiconductors have been discussed by the Union and the direction of the factory for some time.

“We have been talking about these issues. The management of Mercedes began to present a situation in which the company did not get the expected profit. The head office had to make investments in Brazil, and, according to them, it was necessary to start discussing the São Bernardo plant so that the worst does not happen”.

“We have faced this debate, always going back and discussing the future of this factory. It’s a challenge, along with other difficult things like the fact that the government wants to order 3,500 electric buses and we don’t have a law for the Brazilian vehicle administration”, he added.

Aroaldo concluded by remembering that only with unity and solidarity will it be possible to get through this situation. “We know that it is a time of insecurity, of great pain, but we need to be united, organized and united among ourselves, then we will be able to overcome this period”.


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