Women’s Tour de France.  Only one car per team, the real loss?  .  Sports

Women’s Tour de France. Only one car per team, the real loss? . Sports

Are the breakaways in bad shape at this women’s Tour de France? As a general rule, refugees can always rely on a car from their team to help them in the event of a technical problem, or even to refuel.

The Women’s Tour de France riders cannot benefit from this advantage, for the simple and good reason that the teams involved in this Grande Boucle have only one car.

Leaders first

So the end is behind the peloton, and it is close to the leaders. Girls in a breakdown can only rely on neutral support vehicles if necessary for breakdown support.

The problem is, their customized bikes are in their sports director’s car. So you better not have any problems when you are in the front, otherwise you will have to ride with a frame that is not adjusted to their liking.

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Number of runners involved in the description?

In contrast, in the men’s Tour de France, it is not unusual to see breakaways arrive at their team car to discuss strategy, or even refuel. This week, it will be very unlikely to see such a picture at the women’s Tour de France.

Two theories can support this observation: there are only six girls per team, against 8 for men during the Grande Boucle. There are also many continental structures involved, which probably do not have enough financial means to take two sports directors on such a run.