Without a license, he is driving at 99 km / h instead of 50 at Dieppe

Without a license, he is driving at 99 km / h instead of 50 at Dieppe

It was Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) national police who made the arrests. (© Illustration / Les Informations Dieppoises)

Wednesday, June 29, 2022national police officers arrested a dereva driving a Chevy at 12:55 am as he was traveling on du vallon in Dieppe (Seine Maritime).

The driver appeared a few minutes earlier Road to Canada.

There, during a speed control typically, it shines at a speed of 99 km / h instead of 50.

No driver’s license

He is immediately chased away by the police who end up arresting him.

In addition to speeding, a 20-year-old who lives Dieppe does not have a driver’s license.

The fact that he admits to the police during his control.

No gray card

The car he is driving is not his, it is his grandfather’s.

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If the driver has a vehicle registration certificate, this Chevrolet model has not been insured for three months.

In addition, technical controls have not been updated yet. When he heard this freely, the young man accepted the truth.

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