With Sainz and Pérez at the top, Ferrari strategy improved: Summary of British F1 GP

With Sainz and Pérez at the top, Ferrari strategy improved: Summary of British F1 GP

Light green

The first victory for Carlos Sainz who believed every time he lost his leadership three times following a bad first start, a mistake then followed the instructions. But, with good support from his team during the final security drive, he played his personal card with confidence by passing Charles Leclerc in a fair way. “Believe me and keep quiet please, ”The Spaniard asked his engineer before the last resumption. “Let me focus. I have Lewis behind me … “

Writer of his first column on Saturday in the rain, Carlos forgot people his bad start to the season this weekend. Note, he returned to his teammates in the tournament and probably still hasn’t said his last word. It is generally said that the first one is the most difficult to take. He will be waiting for 150 GP. Quickly then put more tension into the Scuderia …

Sergio Pérez was selected as the driver of the day following his impressive return from 17th to 2nd place after changing his nose in the 6th round following contact with Charles Leclerc. Thanks for the safety car of course. The Mexican is still saving the day for Red Bull after a good fight at the end of the race with Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton. Apparently nothing, he takes twelve units from his teammate and returns with 34 points in the championship.

Lewis Hamilton led by nine rounds and delighted his fans. We found the famous Lewis Hamilton on the song beating my Mercedes. His passing in the rat hole for Leclerc and Pérez was just “wow”. But then he could not resist the Mexican: “His Red Bull was very fast on the straights”. This doctor will no doubt raise him for the rest of the season. Following the GP at the Mercedes stand, Tom Cruise enjoyed the show though.

Very good performance from Fernando Alonso who finished in Charles Leclerc’s exhaust and followed the pace of the leaders at the end of the race. Alpine is still grabbing a few points from sixth McLaren and Lando Norris who fought a fine battle at the start of the GP against Lewis Hamilton.

In a bid to prevent damage after hitting a piece of dirt tearing his lower extremity, Max Verstappen fought to the end on the Red Bull wheel losing most of his strength and grip to save six units from seventh place.

The first marks in F1 were finally for Mick Schumacher who finished eighth after Verstappen’s Red Bull which he tried again to pass in the last corner. That will take a lot of weight off the shoulders of the young Haas driver.

Two small parts of Sebastian Vettel’s birthday are already at the ceremony this morning in a procession at the Williams wheel at which Nigel Mansell was crowned.

F1 seat safety. Seeing Chinese Guanyu Zhou chat quietly with his boss Fred Vasseur on the paddock after the race was a miracle. And it says a lot about the safety of modern F1 cars. Without the Halo set up a few years ago, the driver of Alfa Romeo would probably not have survived alive due to his impressive misconduct. The late Jules Bianchi did not die for free a few years ago in Japan. New safety measures to protect drivers’ heads saved Zhou and Nissany (in F2) on Sunday.

Red fire

What a new Ferrari strategic mistake that costs him twice and a victory for Charles Leclerc. We fully understand the anger of the Monegasque after the race. Mattia Binotto tried to defend himself in four points: “We didn’t think we could change two car tires at the same time. So we had to make a choice. We decided to bring Carlos because. 1. Charles was the leader. 2. His tough tires were smaller. We thought the lines would go down quickly. “ Waterless move. The Ferrari crashed again, period. An error that cost 13 units for Charles Leclerc now with only 11 units ahead of his team-mate in the championship.