With production on hold, the Chevrolet Onix has been outsold by the Hyundai HB20, Fiat Mobi and VW T-Cross |  Market

With production on hold, the Chevrolet Onix has been outsold by the Hyundai HB20, Fiat Mobi and VW T-Cross | Market

For the third month in a row, the zero kilometer car market continues to decline compared to the same period last year. However, March sales were marked by the fall of the Chevrolet Onix and the development of SUVs, which took five of the top ten best-selling models.

As usual, the leader of the month was the Fiat Strada, which sold 7,567 units, according to Fenabrave. In second place appears the Hyundai HB20, which replaced the Chevrolet Onix and close 7,000 copies were sold.

Volkswagen T-Cross was the best-selling SUV for the second month in a row – Photo: Disclosure

March, by the way, was not a very good month for Onix. With production halted between February 21 and March 20 due to collective vacations that GM gave workers to update the line, the hatch fell three places and was even overtaken by the Fiat Mobi and the month’s best-selling SUV, the Volkswagen T-Cross, which took third place. and fourth respectively.

On the other hand, the T-Cross seems to be in good shape: it was the best-selling SUV in Brazil for the second month in a row, and 6,549 licensed units.

Down in the sedan segment, the Toyota Corolla was only the 12th best seller in March – Image: Disclosure

But he is not the only one in the section to take the highest part of the table. Chevrolet Tracker, Jeep Compass, Toyota Corolla Cross and Hyundai Creta were also among the top ten cars sold in March. On the other hand, only three knives made the list: HB20, Mobi and Onix.

the status quo worse for sedans: there is no example of the section in “Top 10”. The most popular seller of March, Toyota Corolla, was in 12th place, followed by Chevrolet Onix Plus in 13th place.

Check out, below, which were the best-selling cars and light commercial vehicles of the past month.

The 50 best-selling cars in March

An example license plates
1 Fiat Strada 7,567
2nd Hyundai HB20 6,908
Fiat Mobi 3 6,581
4th Volkswagen T-Cross 6,549
The fifth Chevrolet Onix 5,421
Chevrolet’s 6th Monitor 4,748
Jeep Compass 7 4,724
8th Fiat Toro 4,442
Toyota Corolla 9th Cross 4,318
10th Hyundai Creta 4,238
11th Toyota Corolla 4,196
12th Chevrolet Onix Plus 4,179
13th Toyota Hilux 3,971
14 Jeep Rebellion 3,789
15th Fiat Pulse 3,650
The 16th Renault Kwid 3,585
17th Volkswagen Nivus 3,154
18th Fiat Argo 3,078
19 Nissan Kicks 2,569
20th Chevrolet S10 2,563
21 Peugeot 208 2,307
22nd Hyundai HB20S 2,304
23rd Toyota Yaris HB 2,085
24 Honda City 1,992
25 Honda City Hatch 1,933
26th Renault Duster 1,908
27th Jeep Commander 1,835
28th round Chevrolet 1,224
29th Toyota Yaris Sedan 1,221
30 Toyota SW4 1,201
Volkswagen’s 31st goal 1,193
32 of the Mitsubishi L200 1,095
33 of Caoa Chery Tiggo 5X 1,082
34 Ford Ranger 1,001
35th Citroen C4 Cactus 883
36 Nissan Versa 836
37th Renault Logan 798
38th Fiat Cronos 785
39th Chevrolet Cruze 746
40º Caoa Chery Tiggo 3X 708
41 Caoa Chery Tiggo 7 646
The 42nd Nissan Frontier 618
43rd Renault Sandero 607
44th Renault Captur 595
45 for Hyundai Tucson 592
46 of the BMW 320I 545
47 Caoa Chery Tiggo 8 543
Volkswagen’s 48th Polo 491
49 Honda HR-V 466
50th Volkswagen Taos 445

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