With Lynk & Co, your Team meetings follow you in your car

With Lynk & Co, your Team meetings follow you in your car

To make your daily life easier, car manufacturers are increasing the number of apps available in their infotainment system. Tesla has paved the way and we are now witnessing an increase in services offered, including voice conference applications. Maybe one too many.

Lynk & Co is a car manufacturer that wants to mark its uniqueness. The brand, from the Chinese group Geely, offers cars that were originally designed to allow renting, without a time commitment. The idea is also to provide them with sharing on demand. Lynk & Co are at it again, by announcing on July 27, 2022 the integration of audio conferencing software in his cars.

There was a time, not so long ago, when cars were equipped with radios and GPS capabilities. Since then, technology has advanced a lot. Cars now have their own internet connection and offer more and more connected services. Tesla has even launched a new model by connecting the entire world of entertainment with Spotify, Youtube, Netflix and even sports. In general, these applications are mainly aimed at filling the break time, associated with charging the electric vehicle. The company Lynk & Co offers in turn to transform your car so that it becomes a continuation of your workplace, and this raises several questions.

What? do we need an application for such a meeting on board cars?

The new meeting software, included in Lynk & Co 01, allows you to attend all your Microsoft Teams meetings. The software adapted for the vehicle system is based on the Microsoft Azure Communication Services solution. While it offers integration with Microsoft Teams, it does not with other online meeting solutions, such as Zoom and other Google Meet.

At the Team meeting, driving his Lynk & Co 01. // Source: Lynk & Co.

It must be said that Microsoft Teams is widely used in companies that rely on the Windows / Microsoft environment. Bad luck to all the startups who trust Google solutions instead. At least you’ll have a good excuse not to attend a virtual meeting from your car.

Because the basic question that arises is probably: is it normal to participate in an online meeting from your car? Even if you are stuck in unique traffic jams, the app can solve it so you don’t miss an important meeting, without tricking your phone to join the call. But frequent use seems to be completely ineffective. This possibility, even for commercial professions brought in to drive a lot, seems to go against common sense. Furthermore, the irony is that Lynk & Co’s promotional video promotes the denigration of these online meetings.

Additional friction on the wheel

Phones while driving are already a major source of distraction. Even without having a mobile phone in hand – because let’s remember, handling it while driving is prohibited by the Highway Code (section R412-6-1) -, the discussion distracts the driver.

Despite what many phone experts from their car say, it’s not better than that increases by 3 the risk of an accident. So think about whether you should consider the content of a business meeting, which you should attend, while in traffic. This is often unnecessary risk-taking, at least until cars are self-driving. Commuting from home to work must have a transition time between professional and personal life. Additionally, if you have an accident during this trip as an employee, you have 24 hours to report it transport accident.

There is actually no legal framework regarding the production of some of these embedded programs. The fact that it is an audio conferencing solution, and not a video conferencing, allows the app to be used as an alternative to calls through a hands-free car system. However, this seems to be a false good idea on the part of Lynk & Co, especially for cars that consumers were not intended to own.