Wireless grass cutting device with the function of placing mulches at a reasonable price

Wireless grass cutting device with the function of placing mulches at a reasonable price

Wireless grass cutting machines are modern. They are lightweight, controllable, stable and most of all can be used wirelessly. This makes for keeping your child’s lawn game at home. After Aldi Süd recently stunned everyone with a wireless lawn mower for less than 100 euros, an online food retailer is now coming in with one. same offer for. Starting on Thursday, May 12, the best-equipped grass cutting machine from the manufacturer Ikra will be available there at a slightly higher cost, but also battery-operated.

Wireless grass cutter with a cutting width of 37 cm

Technical parameters of Ikra wireless cutting machine ICM 2/2037 in Aldi online store similar to those of mower Aldi Süd. However, the Ikra mower is blessed with a slightly larger cut width. It is 37 centimeters. Two 20V batteries (2.0 Ah) are used to operate the brushless motor, which can be used for up to 40 minutes. The manufacturer promises that grass up to 250 m² can be cut this way.

Other features of the equipment include six adjustable cutting lengths (25 to 75 mm), a 40-liter grass collector and – especially practical – mulching bed. With a mulch job, you can enrich your lawn in a natural way by simply dropping pieces on the grass. The two required batteries are also included in the delivery spectrum, such as a double-speed charger. So you can supply both batteries with new energy at the same time.

Most plastics are evident in the Ikra ICM 2/2037 wireless cutting machine.

How much does the Ikra ICM 2/2037 wireless cutting machine cost Aldi?

According to Aldi, the retail price recommended by the manufacturer is less than 280 euros. Aldi itself offers the Ikra wireless cutting machine for 169 euros – with a discount of about 40 percent. This is a real deal for the equipment offered. Although ICM 2/2037 is currently sold in almost all other online stores, the Price history of Idealo price search engine It seems, however, that the wireless grass cutting machine has never been available for less than 200 euros in the last twelve months.

Ferrex for cutting wireless grass from Aldi

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Crazy Aldi Edition: Wireless grass cutting machines for less than 100 euros

I have been using the Ikra ICM 2/2037 wireless cutting machine privately for almost a year and I can say: the white-gray cutting machine is great, especially for beginners. Sure, plastic is the measure of all things with this model, but it is not irritating to ordinary grass. The double charger provides new energy for the battery quickly and the function of the bedding gives me great pleasure every few weeks because it at least saves money on extra grass fertilizer.

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