Windows 11 is still struggling to attract PC players, but all is not lost

Windows 11 is still struggling to attract PC players, but all is not lost

The latest Steam traffic results show that Windows 11 is still struggling to persuade PC players to crash into Microsoft’s new operating system. But things could change soon.

While Windows 11 is already setting the stage for its major 2023 update, the operating system still fails to attract PC players to it. This is a recent Steam study that is coming to unveil. According to a recent survey from the Valve platform, Windows 11 is progressing rapidly with players. But overall, the pace of adoption remains slow. Upcoming upgrades, aimed at players, so you can change that.

A Steam study, published last June, shows that The number of players using Windows 11 on the platform has exceeded 20% and with accuracy reaching 21.23%. This represents an increase of 1.64% compared to the previous month. To put it in perspective, that means that the market share of Windows 11 on Steam grew below 4.4%, or about 1.5% per month.

Windows 11 is still struggling to persuade players to play

This growth remains very weak and prudent. Especially when you realize that this type of increase was around 3% at the beginning of the year. For its part, Windows 10 is still the main operating system used by Steam players, with over 71% of users.

If Windows 11 offers modified functionality for gaming, these are still not fully functional. In fact, Windows 11 already offers Automatic HDR, for users who have a screen compatible with this technology. But things have to change, because other things are coming. In fact, they are already in place, but no game (or very few) supports them at the moment.

This is exactly the case with DirectStorage technology, which aims to load games faster, getting inspiration especially from the Xbox Series X. This system is already installed on Windows 11, and should work for the first time with the next blockbuster Forspoken. , which is delayed but will soon be released on PC and PS5. This will no doubt encourage players to take the stream to eventually land on Windows 11.

Source: Steam