Wilson Matos Filho will replace Álvaro Dias

Wilson Matos Filho will replace Álvaro Dias

Businessman Wilson Matos Filho was chosen as the First Alternative of Podemos for the race for the Senate of Paraná in the 2022 election. The ticket, led by Senator Álvaro Dias, was approved in the state convention of the party, which took place this Friday night (5) in Curitiba.

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Álvaro Dias is a candidate for re-election, in a coalition that includes Podemos, Patriotas, PSB, PRTB and the PSDB-Cidadania federation. Now there will be registration of candidates, as the election campaign starts on August 16.

Wilson Matos Filho is pleased with the invitation given by Senator Álvaro Dias and intends to contribute with suggestions in the area of ​​education: “we know that knowledge can change a citizen and only through education will we find a society that is more fair and cohesive, creative and capable, in people his, to be one of the largest nations in the world. The experience we had as the vice director of UniCesumar for two decades enables us to discuss public policies that can improve Brazilian education. I feel ready for this challenge to contribute to Brazil”, he emphasizes.

Who is Wilson Matos Filho?

Wilson de Matos Silva Filho has a degree in administration from UniCesumar, a Marketing specialist and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy Management from Univali (Universidade Vale do Itajaí).

While at UniCesumar, he started working with his father, Professor Wilson de Matos Silva, when he was still young and after graduating he took the responsibility of managing the institution, thus becoming one of those responsible for the development and placement of UniCesumar among the top institutions. education in the country..

He is currently the President of SINEPE/NOPR (Union of Private Teaching Institutions in the Northwest of the State of Paraná) and the 1st vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Maringá, recently as the chairman of the Economic Development Council of Maringá (Codem) and Maringá Rural Community (2012 to 2015). In 2013, he was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award, presented by Copejem (Permanent Council of Young Entrepreneurs), from Acim, and received the title of “Distinguished Person of the Year” from the Legislative Assembly of the State of Paraná, for his contribution. for the development of education in the State. , with the title of Worthy Citizen of Maringá.

He recently released the book “SINEPE / NOPR 30 years”, which shows the history of the union, at the time of the establishment of the new management.