Will the bike need Ferrari adjustments?

Will the bike need Ferrari adjustments?

Europe has ordered a moratorium on the production of heat engines by 2035. It is not possible for the 2/3 wheel industry which is fortunate not to worry at present. At the same time, other manufacturers will benefit from the “Ferrari” design. Let’s do an inspection.

The European Parliament has ruled on the future of heat engines for private vehicles, ships and services. From January 1, 2035, manufacturers will no longer be able to sell new cars with internal combustion engines.. In terms of “industrial time”, it is tomorrow… a short period for all car manufacturers who will be forced to make changes between oil and electricity, even if the electricity market has been growing for a few months. Unless we focus on other continents where we will continue to drive on fuel, petrol and even diesel, for public road users who will not be held hostage by decisions that are beyond them …

More interestingly, hybrid cars and plug-ins will also be banned – Toyota, which has placed everything on this solution, cannot beat it …

Motorcycles and motorcycles are not affected by this European measure.. Phew! The 2/3 wheeled motor market is certainly too small to awaken the deputies of the European Commission. Yes, but for how long? Because, quite frankly, the ads released a few months ago have not been put on the stone and corrections, including inappropriate ones, can happen by accident. Keep in mind that the 2 wheeler industry has already made great efforts : direct delay delays according to standards (Euro4, Euro5 speed, Euro5B soon), start of power supply, average transfer that uses less than 5 l / 100 km inspected and of course no diesel. Internal turmoil could also change market rules: in September, paid parking for non-electric motorcycles and scooters will be implemented in Paris – what will happen? How will the market grow? And if Yamaha finally sold the same electric GT motorcycle, would it have to have it right away? The coming months will be decisive.

The Ferrari reforms that seek to save the Italian luxury car industry and which have made some of the Eurozone MPs who are environmentally friendly green in anger.

The case is growing in Europe with the famous 121 revision of the Ferrari Adjustment. This will forgive some manufacturers whose annual production does not exceed 10,000 cars. These lucky manufacturers will be able to continue to heat up for a year (before the revision of the text) and above all not to be subject to the law of rapid reduction of CO2 emissions reduction (15% in 2025 and 55% in 2030 and 100% respectively in 2035). This simplifies the business of certain manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, etc.

In the wake of this Ferrari reform, the Italian Euro MPs above all want to save the 70,000 jobs and jobs that come with it in Italy. All these workers, technicians, who make a living from the manufacture of heating cars. And yes, there will be no further need to repair connecting rods, pistons, etc. Similarly, regular car repairs are limited by wearing parts and updating car software. The electric car condemns a lot of work and in Italy, some regions have been turned towards this industry.

Motorcycle manufacturers are already thinking and taking action!

At present, the motorcycle industry has begun its reflection.

  • Zero motorcycles offer a variety of ready-made, but motorcycles are expensive and there is no scooter
  • BMW offers CE-04 which is popular for sale, 9th in TOP50 sales at the end of May!
  • The victory prepares the electrical installation of its frequencies using TE-1.
  • Most Chinese manufacturers offer 50 cm3 equivalent in electricity
  • Eccity (Figure 3) is a French electric scooter that has a playing card.
  • Piaggio started with Vespa Elletrica, one scooters and the effort will increase
  • Yamaha arrives by scooter, but the promising EV-01 is delayed
  • Kawasaki hinted through the stimulus that a large hybrid bike is about to be ready
  • Some producers are optimistic about the development of biofuels, but it will be important to choose between feeding the planet and ensuring individual transport …

Will the competition, entertainment or professional, go electronically before the mass market?

Ducati has taken the MotoE certificate in the Grand Prix. Development seems promising and this should benefit the electric road bike. But fuel motorcycles will remain in place for years to come in competition, even if it means reducing their noise. In terms of motocross and enduro, things will definitely get more complicated in the years to come. Belgium would not take seriously the pressure exerted on the noise of off-road motorcycles and all Motocross circuits are closed one after the other … If FFM wins this, it seems likely that the road unit will go 100% electric before speeding the bike.

The Ducati V4 Stradale engine is a great piece of engineering and performance. For now, this V4 should continue…

motorcycle zero SR S

Zero motorcycles offer a wide range and have been operating for years on 100% electric motorcycles. Motorcycles are very advanced and sales are moving slowly.

Electric Motion Electric France

Electric Motion, a French brand that offers free trial travel electronics. The brand is progressing fast, sales too, great success in perspective.

BMW CE 04 2022

The BMW CE-04, criticized for its appearance, is alarming in sales figures. BMW is struggling to meet demand… even for more than 12,000 or even € 15,000 with options.

Kawasaki hybrid concept

Kawasaki operates a hybrid motorcycle concept. An interesting proposal on the topic of Sport GT.