will it slow down sales of electric cars?

will it slow down sales of electric cars?

As electricity prices skyrocket, could this really have an impact on electric car sales?

For the last few months, the situation has become more difficult for all French people. And for good reason, the price of oil has increased very rapidly, more than two euro marks, but not only. Tariff prices also rose sharply, such as that of new cars and even secondhand. Not forgetting electricity, which also experienced a huge increase, like that of all consumer goods in general. A real disaster for the economy and for everyone, when many people now have to tighten their belts more than ever to be able to continue living normally. And that should not continue to improve, when electricity can still burn more than the next few months, and especially in winter.

Impact on sales?

But will this huge increase in the bill affect the sale of electric cars? Because for many years, the government has been trying to push drivers to switch to zero gas, especially since the European Commission will ban the sale of hot models from 2035. Well, according to Clément Molizon, chief member of the National Association for the development of electricity Mobility (Avere-France) relayed by Echos Judiciaires, not necessary. Indeed, he insists that the French will be protected by a tariff shield. He goes on to say that ” 80% of additions are made at home and at work […] Even if we had an increase in the price of electricity, there is a margin that is very important. At home, we are about two euros per 100 km, while in the heat we are between 12 and 16 euros depending on the performance of the cars.“.

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Price increase

However, if the French should therefore not suffer too much from the increase in electricity prices, charging station operators should adjust their prices accordingly. This is especially the case ofAllegowho announced a increase in the price of kWh from 15 to 20% since the beginning of September, due to ” of rising electricity prices across Europe“. For its part, Ionity has no plans to change its prices, as does Izivia, EDF’s charging station subsidiary.

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