Why You Shouldn’t Use Screen Protectors

Why You Shouldn’t Use Screen Protectors

Users on the Reddit forum have claimed to have damaged their Macbook’s screen after installing a screen protector. This practice should be avoided and Apple strongly advises against installing this type of protection on Macbooks.

You own a MacBook ? Or just bought a Macbook Air M2? What? Do you want to take good care of it and extend its life as much as possible? So you have decidedinstall a screen protector from your Mac? Stop immediately and do not do the irreparable. Apple Macbook screens should not receive screen protectors at all. In fact, they don’t even need it. Installing protection on their screen will be completely ineffective.

And an engaging screen saver can add causing irreversible damage to your Macbook screen. Just like other screen protectors have ruined Huawei smartphones. On a popular platform Reddit, users have reported experiencing this error with their Mac. They discovered the error after removing the screen protector. And the damage is usually irreversible.

Screen protectors can damage your Macbook

It can be very tempting to install a screen saver prevent scratches and damage, especially on iPhones. As far as Macbooks are concerned, therefore it should not be used. And this for several reasons.

  • Unlike the iPhone, the Macbook won’t fit in a pocket or bag. So it is less prone to scratches and damage. And the screen is fully protected once the Macbook is closed.
  • MacBook screens are also not the same as iPhone screens. The Macbook ones have anti-reflection coating that helps improve contrast. This coating is very sensitive and the protective packaging will seriously damage it once removed.
  • Finally, some screen protectors can also literally damage your Macbook’s screen when you close the device with little force. This is especially true for screen protectors that are very thick.

If you really want a screen saver on your Mac, then you should choose it carefully. Apple recommends leaving nothing between the keyboard and the screen when you close the computer. But the Cupertino company offers several effective protections in its stores, including thin, non-adhesive protectors that won’t break the screen or remove the anti-reflective coating.

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Source: reddit.com