Why not try the Tesla Model 3

Why not try the Tesla Model 3

Ever since I drove it on my last test drive, I’ve been dreaming about it. Here I tell you why!

Note: this article may contribute to the good desire to get the car mentioned above!

Tesla Model 3 dominates the market

The Model 3 Compact sedan launched in 2019 dominates the global electric market. Since the beginning of the year, it costs only €43,800 in France to get used to the ecological bonus – currently €6,000 – it only applies to cars under €45,000. That is €37,800 for a large sedan, equipped with an engine of almost 300 horse power, capable of dropping 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds and providing many accessories on board as usual.

Do you want to install a charging terminal or station?

Scale and Performancethe same comfort of the interior

On board, there’s no difference compared to the regular Model 3 Series. We get this minimalistic dashboard with a single, large touchscreen in the center, as well as a small, thick-rimmed steering wheel and a large windshield that provides an eye-catching view. front bonnet plane.

More spacious than a BMW 3 Series or Audi A4, the Tesla manages to be incredibly comfortable despite the complete absence of controlled emissions even as an option. With a quiet, smooth and powerful powertrain, you drive with your right foot. Autopilot on, his favorite music in Spotify, guided by Google navigation, in a world of amazing calm.

In terms of entertainment and Autopilot, the Tesla Model 3 is stuck. The Tesla Model 3 is capable of doing a lot of things. For example, the programs YouTube, Netflix or even Twitch are more useful: when you recharge your car, they allow you to pass the time. Equally important is the Spotify music integration.

Are you more of a video game fan? It is possible to get production as well as the best Cuphead, by plugging the controller into one of the USB ports. Again, the idea is to pick up passengers while the car is stationary. It is included in the price and, most importantly, these entertainment features – unheard of in the car market – have yet to change.

Finally, Autopilot brings together all piloting assistance and, ideally, 100% autonomous driving. The offer is now divided into three levels:

  • common equipment (ship control, route maintenance),
  • Improved Autopilot (auto navigation, auto lane change, auto parking and auto exit),
  • full driving ability (which is still a gamble to this day).

New for 2021

From the outside, it’s hard to tell the difference between the new Model 3 and the old one. The silhouette and proportions are the same. However, some beauty items have changed, for the better: turn signal reflectors, door handles and trim strips remove the chrome in matte black.

You might think that the loss of brightness makes the car lose its premium argument, but it is quite the opposite: matte black is more elegant and more discreet, to a welcome extent. Model 3 is gaining respect and you get used to it very quickly.

At the beginning of the year, the Model 3, the best seller of the American brand, benefits from a facelift that has a special (for Tesla) appearance. The “new version” can be identified by its blackened body parts (turn signal repeaters, window seals, door handles) and its revised design rims.

In detail, let’s also mention the double glazing on the front windows (the rear ones are denied, it’s a shame) should improve the insulation of the cabin, the metal steering buttons, or even the magnetic sun visors buttons. .

Let’s also show the new function of number order. Big screen A 15-inch central unit where information related to driving, comfort and infotainment flows, attach for example in real time the number of stations available at supercharger stations.

Performance in the service of pleasure

The driving comfort it provides is unmatched. The fun behind the wheel has a lot to do with the installation of 100% electric drive itself – fluid and realistic speed – as well as Tesla’s progress to optimize it as much as possible.

Indeed, considering only 100% electric cars, the manufacturer has a lot of time to improve its formula. Just follow the software developments made in recent years to be convinced. For owners, it is a guarantee of having a car that does not remain frozen in time.

In terms of performance, Tesla is not a manufacturer known for controlling its cars. Quite the opposite. In its most accessible version, the Model 3 can lift 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds (single engine, rear mounted). It is very fast, knowing that the Performance version, equipped with two motors, achieves this in 3.3 seconds.

The middle model, also equipped with two motors, but considering autonomy, reaches 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds. We also advise to be very careful with the accelerator pedal, as you can stick to your seat with your slightly heavy foot. And that, not to mention the legitimate fear for the driver’s license.

When you get into a Tesla, you should remember one thing: the driving turns out to be quite stable, even if you can soften it a little in the settings (closer to the Mini Cooper SE or, even, the Volvo XC40). Recharge is night and day). In addition to this small inconvenience (we end up getting used to it), the character is very strong and manifests itself thanks to the care of the model.

Once you learn to control the car and get used to removing some of the physical controls, you feel safe on board Tesla.

Track Mode Reveals Tesla Model 3 Performance

To understand the full extent of the capabilities of this Model 3 Performance (and what exactly distinguishes it from the entry-level Model 3), it is not enough to activate the “Sport” mode that improves the ability to accelerate to an already generous level. .

No, you have to stop, enter the parking mode and then select the “Tracking” mode. Knowing that these electric power sedans provide access to unprecedented performance for customers who are not necessarily accustomed to such a level of efficiency, Tesla strongly advises to maintain this condition on a regular basis.

However, since the 2021 change of the Tesla program, there is everything for to help the worst drivers: By default, Track Mode keeps the ESP and power distribution close to 50/50 between the two axles (as a reminder, the car has a 215 horsepower engine on the front axle and another 298 horsepower on the rear axle).

As soon as this Tracking mode is activated, the big screen changes its menus and loud ventilation sounds are heard in the passenger compartment: Tesla puts itself in the best condition to provide high performance, especially by preparing its batteries for a general attack.

0 to 100 km/h is then sent in 3.3 seconds, during the AMG GT 63 S of 639 horsepower. This Model 3 performance benefits from a very different dynamic behavior than that of the previous high-end Model S. It drives very hard in a straight line, yes, but most of all it shows demonic power once you turn the wheel.

When cornering, the transmission and the electric function of “torque vectoring” involve the rear axle to keep the car as comfortable as possible. Mid-round, the slight leg lift allows it to rotate more and when exiting the bend, the unmatched traction allows you to hit the trigger as quickly as possible.

What about freedom then?

Finally, the version Greater Autonomy which is the subject of our test sees its radius of action increased by 20 km, to reach 580 km under optimal conditions of use. So there’s a lot to see coming in the context of normal day-to-day use.

But Tesla’s biggest advantage over its competitors is providing true peace of mind when it comes to long-distance mobility, thanks to an ever-expanding payment network.

For example, on a journey between Lille and Paris, mostly on expressways, consumption can vary by around 18 kWh/100 km. It’s very encouraging, and 400 kilometers are actually possible inside the Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

In any case, we will be more inclined to take long trips in the Tesla thanks to the Supercharger network. The quality and reliability of the Internet has something to seduce!

In France, there is now 740 chargers distributed in 87 stations. On a European scale (29 countries), some 5,580 charging stations in more than 580 stations are available for travelers. A kilowatt hour is now charged at 36 to 38 cents depending on the station (compared to around 0.16 euros at home). According to Tesla conversion, 500 kilometers cost 28 euros via Supercharger.

On the latest models of superchargers – V3, electric power of 250 kW – you can restore up to 275 kilometers of freedom in 15 minutes (under ideal conditions of use, of course).

In addition to the Tesla network, we can of course also add oil everywhere or nearby, from an Ionity type high power outlet to the 220 V socket in your vacation rental.

The CAR of your dreams

There is everything to enjoy: acceleration enough to beat a BMW M3 or a Mercedes-AMG C63, agility that can turn to absolute fun when you need it and a character that is easy to read, regardless of the setting selected in Monitor mode.

Body movements, quite generously, also make it possible to accurately measure the limits of grip and feel what is happening in the four corners of the car. The front axle bites hard and thanks to the balance of the chassis and the work of the transmission, it fights effectively against understeer.

It’s enough to make you want to drive again and again, until you look at the battery gauge: a few hundred kilometers absorbed at full speed in Track Mode are enough to wipe it out…

Judging Model 3 Performance on its incredible complexity and his desire sports driving, This car already has enough to make the most basic owners of large displacement doubtful.

Adding price into the equation, one wonders if it is not the best car on the market today with such a relationship between new value, performance and other benefits. Completely blown away by this incredible event, we’re scratching our heads thinking about what the Model S Plaid can deliver in the future, its 1020 horsepower and its 0 to 100 km/h speed faster than the Bugatti Chiron…