Why not Suzuki?  |  The Montreal Journal

Why not Suzuki? | The Montreal Journal

Now we can clear the sky.

Shea Weber is leaving and will no longer be a problem for the Canadiens.

We knew his status, but in order to respect the law, we had to rely on orders.

In other words, we were not allowed to release details about his status with the team.

Jonathan Drouin had gotten away with saying that Weber had retired, but we were careful with management to confirm that.

Now, Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes have been released from all the responsibilities surrounding the status of the former captain and the financial commitments that the Canadian had to honor.

Now it’s a Vegas Golden Knights trade.

Team Nevada’s decision-makers cheer as events unfold.


Because Weber’s contract is tough, but it gives the Golden Knights more buying power. Weber’s contract, $7.8 million per season – there are still four years left on the deal – will be moved to the disabled list for a very long time. In terms of salary, there is still $6 million to be paid to Weber until the end of his contract.

A good plan

A great deal for the Golden Knights who have added a $5 million deal from Evgenii Dadonov. So, we got 13 million dollars.

For Canada, Kent Hughes often repeats it. We have to find a way to have more flexibility on the salary cap. Weber’s contract no longer concerns team decision makers. Only Carey Price’s status remains to be determined. Will he replace Weber on the long-term roster? That’s probably in the plans for now. Kent Hughes discussed the situation on Thursday. But there are other options for the goalkeeper.

  • If Price thinks he can continue his career without too much worry, the Canadian will have a $10.5 million contract to help.
  • If Price doesn’t think he can play regularly, then we have to change the salary cap rules. A very difficult exercise.
  • Changing the Price would be another solution. The problem is which team wants to risk signing a goalkeeper with such a contract when he is not sure that he will be able to last the whole season?

In Dadonov’s case, he will play out the final year of his $5 million deal before claiming his status as an unrestricted free agent. Is it true in corporate planning? Let’s say he scored 20 goals and had 43 points. Correct. But let’s add that his contract is too high for such a production.

Recovery plan

Hughes and Jeff Gorton will have to decide if in our rehab program we can keep him in a practice environment or just try to sell him.

Currently, Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes are leading their case with a huge difference.

  • We wanted to end the relationship with Weber, it’s done.
  • We wanted to make some changes in the administrative staff. It’s done.
  • We wanted to confirm the status of the head coach of Martin St-Louis. It’s done.

Now there is an elite draft and with the departure of Weber, Gorton and Hughes will now have more latitude when the free agency market opens.

And the captain

And, behind the scenes, we believe that Canadian decision-makers are not done with their end-of-season work, the big spring cleaning, as is often said.

As for the next captain, as we pointed out in The Journal yesterday, there are interesting candidates. Nick Suzuki, Josh Anderson, Joel Edmundson and Brendan Gallagher.

Why not Suzuki?

Too young, you say? Have we not confirmed with an eight-year agreement that the Canadiens are his team?

Isn’t it a young man who is more involved in the community?

Until proven otherwise, he has shown leadership on the ice and, with the experience gained over the past few years, now has the arguments to make a big impact in the locker room.

Gallagher? How will he behave when it is likely that his playing time will decrease and that his role with the team will be smaller than in recent years?

Edmundson and Anderson are interesting candidates. Edmundson attracts attention because of his desire to win and his professionalism. Anderson has character, he is also a leader in his own way. However, a captain must be able to perform in many ways and Anderson does not have all the resources for such authority.

Finally, the player who best represents the Canadiens franchise in this rescue plan is Suzuki.

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