Why is the Hyundai HB20 so popular in Brazil?

Why is the Hyundai HB20 so popular in Brazil?

About to complete 10 years in Brazil, the Hyundai HB20, launched by the South Korean automaker in September 2012 as the brand’s first “popular” car in the country, fell into consumer taste and soon surpassed its main rival at the time, the Toyota Etios . ..

In addition, since 2015 it has not been touched in the list of the top 3 best-selling cars in the country every year. In 2021, the trend reached the peak of success by overturning Chevrolet Onix from the top and close the cycle at No. 1, with 86,455 units sold.

HB20 was launched in Brazil in 2012 and, ten years later, remains in popular taste (Photo: Matheus Argentoni/Canaltech)

The first two months of 2022 show that the trend that started a decade ago continues, with the HB20 leading the car sales in Brazil in January, with 5,634 units registered, and taking second place in February, behind the rival Onix, with 6,161 vehicles .

A failed lead in February looks like it could return to the South Korean hatchback in March. Fenabrave results for week 1 showed the HB20 with 3,538 units sold, versus 3,340 for the Chevrolet Onix.

5 reasons why HB20 is so popular

But, after all, why is the Hyundai HB20 so popular in Brazil? We have collected some factors that can explain the reason for this success, which, even over the years, continues unabated. Take a look.

5. Technology

The Hyundai HB20 is one of the most technologically advanced hatchbacks available in the Brazilian market. In addition to having Bluelink technology, which provides a series of vehicle information on the smartphone screen, it has more.

The car comes with an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming, calendar and call history access, MP3 player, USB connectivity, audio and Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel.

The HB20 was one of the first popular hatchbacks to come with a multimedia center in Brazil (Photo: Ufumbuzi/Hyundai)

4. Security

Another reason that may explain why HB20 is so popular is in the security package. The new hatch generation has, for any version, at least 4 airbags (two in front and two on the side).

In addition, it has an alert system and autonomous braking, which provides an audible warning and activates the brakes when there is a risk of collision, lane change warning, among other features.

HB20 safety systems (Photo: Kitini/Hyundai)

3. Economy

The 1.0 version with manual transmission Hyundai HB20 positioned the South Korean automaker’s hatch as one of the most economical cars in Brazil in 2021. In times of expensive fuel, this is undoubtedly one of the reasons why it is so popular in Brazil. .

According to figures reported by Hyundai, this version of the HB20, with an 80 horsepower engine and 10.2 kgfm of torque, averages between 9.5 km/l and 13.3 km/l (ethanol/petrol, respectively) in the city, and between 10.5 km . / l and 14.9 km / l on the road.

The HB20’s economy is one of the best in the segment (Photo: Solutions/Hyundai)

2. Performance

If the 1.0-liter engine in the manual version is better in economy, the 1.0-liter turbo (TGDI) available from the Platinum variant, also manual, and for Sport and Platinum Plus automatic, has its highest point in performance.

The car produces 120 horse power and 17.5 kgfm torque, which, according to Hyundai, makes the HB20 more popular by providing “greater agility in traffic, safe passing and stability when climbing hills”.

The TGDI 1.0 turbo engine produces 120 horsepower (Photo: Kitini/Hyundai)

1. Price

Within this new situation, in which the price of the car rises almost every week, Hyundai, which in 2022 has already increased the price of the entire line, still holds the HB20 as one of the cheapest cars in Brazil (at least in its Prohibition version).

The manual version of Sense 1.0 comes out, after the reduction of IPI, for R$ 70,690. This undoubtedly closes the list of reasons that explain the excellent market position of the model in its 10 years of life in the country and why the Hyundai HB20 remains very popular here.

HB20 became more expensive in February, but the price dropped after the new IPI rate (Photo: Matheus Argentoni/ Canaltech)

Hyundai’s vision for HB20 success

We could not finish the material without consulting with Hyundai itself about what it considers important for the success of the HB20 since 2012 in the Brazilian market. Rodolfo Stopa, Deputy Director of Product Planning at Hyundai Motor Central and South America, listed the model’s key features in a report Canaltech.

“In 2022, we completed 10 years of HB20 in Brazil and, in this connected history, we had a big change, aiming to meet the needs of our customers. From the Bluelink car connectivity service, a large offer of turbo engines to safety items with advanced technology, comfort and resources, it was possible to keep all versions of HB20 always attractive to consumers”, he commented.

“It is these points that value these characteristics when closing the deal for one of the most expensive products that families get during their lifetime, with the stability of a five-year warranty”, concluded the executive.