why does the price vary from one pump to another?

why does the price vary from one pump to another?

Sometimes the price of fuel doubles from one gas station to another. How is this really explained?

In recent days, it is crazy in the service centers. And for good reason, since September 1, fuel has benefited from a good discount of 30 cents, valid everywhere in France, on petrol and diesel as well as on LPG, E85 and even CNG. A benefit for motorists, who have suffered for many months due to rising inflation and at the same time fuel prices. In question, the increase in the barrel of oil, associated with war in Ukraine which has been going on since the beginning of the year. So it is not surprising that drivers rush to the stations, when it is possible to take advantage of a discount of up to 50 cents at TotalEnergies. But despite everything, you may have noticed that not all pumps have the same price. Why?

Side issue

The first explanation of this phenomenon concerns the periphery. Each trader can choose his own amount, and therefore set the price alive Especially since some service stations are located in areas where taxes are very high, which explains why fuel prices are higher. But that doesn’t explain everything either. Because in fact, the amount is very low and represents only a small percentage of the amount per liter, of the order of 1 to 2% only. Suffice it to say that it therefore does not have a very strong impact on the price paid by motorists. But then, what is this difference based on?

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Gap in instructions

In fact, the answer lies in the fuel command cycle. If the station is busier, it will order fuel more often and thus change the price according to the amount it has paid. If the trend is lower, then the price will be lower. On the other hand, a service station that takes a long time to empty its tanks will order petrol and diesel less often and will therefore show different prices. So it is this change that causes the volume to vary from one pump to another.

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