why did he have cars without plates

why did he have cars without plates

If you are observant, you will have noticed that sometimes the cars of Queen Elizabeth II of England did not have license plates. This is the reason.

Elizabeth II, Queen of England and other Commonwealth realms, left us this Thursday, September 8, 2022 evening. The end of a long reign of 70 years in its territories. Many people have known him on the throne. And have he looked at the picture as he continuedpersonally and professionally.

However, if you are an observer, the details may not have escaped you. During her official trips, the cars of Queen Elizabeth II sometimes he didn’t have a license plate. An important feature, which is easily explained.

Government vehicles do not require a license plate

These cars are real government vehicles. For this simple reason, they don’t there is no need to be registered in the same way as normal cars. So they don’t no license plate. The latter is clearly used for missions related to the State. This particularly concerns the Queen’s, past, and present King’s transport. But also that of heads of state visiting the country.

It is therefore interesting to note that, depending on the use made by the king of his car, the plates may or may not be removed. During the official mission, the ending disappears. For personal use, they can be put back in place. This is to comply with the law.

One of the many benefits of Elizabeth II’s life

This is one of the many special qualities that the English king can take advantage of. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth II did not have for example there is no need for a driving license. He doesn’t even have one he has never passed the test usually required for driving on open roads.

Not enough to stop him from driving many times during his life. Elizabeth II was true a big car lover.

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