why are you not stupid?

why are you not stupid?

Everyone has a little corner to store their keys at home. Often, it is conveniently located near the front door.

Only here, for a few years, car owners who use their microwaves as storage because their pile of car keys is more and more.

And despite what you might think right now, it’s not crazy, on the contrary. But beware, this method is only useful for a certain type of key.

Indeed, normal keys are not affected and storing them in a microwave oven will not do you any good. But on the contrary, for keys connected to the system “Keyless”, it can save you a lot of trouble…

Fight theft

The “Keyless” system aims to make life easier for drivers. Just keep the key nearby to unlock the car and start it. There is no need to communicate, everything is done thanks to Kontakt.

Yes, but here it is These systems are very easy to hack and thieves sometimes only have to stop a few meters from the house to take their token. Once the operation is successful, all they have to do is get into the car and start…

With storage in this type of oven, active components block popular signals and prevent hackers from taking any token from the key.

Be careful though, storing your keys in a microwave is not 100% safe. So it is also recommended to choose special pockets to store your keys!

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