who has the most SUVs in 2022?

who has the most SUVs in 2022?

A true hen that lays golden eggs, SUVs are also the antithesis of the car enthusiast in the fun and sporty sense of the word. Between Audi, BMW and Mercedes, who has the most in 2022?

Premium brands have gradually become the specialty of SUVs. Based on the platform of the most traditional cars, and therefore built on already known foundations, it makes it possible to increase the margin. So much so that SUVs have taken a big place in the catalog, sometimes surpassing some more emblematic models. How many A6 customers have switched to the Q5? How many C-Class regulars finally opted for the GLC when it came out ? Maybe a good package! This encouraged German brands to join the ranks.

Audi, champion

this time, Audi has 13 SUVs including the Q5 e-tron sold only in China. It’s slightly more than Mercedes and BMW which have around 10 models. In France, SUVs represent less than half of Audi’s full range. For BMW it is less, but Mercedes competes with recent arrivals such as the EQS SUV. Add to that the electric versions of popular models (EQA, EQB, EQC for Mercedes, iX3 for BMW), and you quickly understand why the lineup has grown so much over time! Moreover, for Mercedes, it is a matter of doing without some compacts (certain derivatives of Class A/CLA and Class B), leaving only the GLA and GLB. The SUV segment will then grow a bit more…

Posted on 08/01/2022 Updated 08/01/2022