While we wait for the Toyota RAV4 Prime, do we choose the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or the Ford Escape PHEV?

While we wait for the Toyota RAV4 Prime, do we choose the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or the Ford Escape PHEV?

“I was hoping that mine Toyota RAV4 Premium it arrives before the end of the rental period, but unfortunately it doesn’t. So I have to change immediately. I got a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and the Ford Escape PHEV. Until I receive my Prime Minister, which one appeals to me the most and will make me lose even less if I sell it again? – Louise Rancourt


Hello, it’s a pity that you are still waiting for your Toyota RAV4 Prime, because it is definitely the best product in the hybrid SUV segment. Unfortunately, its popularity combined with the limited production capacity of the manufacturer limits its availability. I hope that it arrives soon, because it is very annoying not to have the car that one wants.

By the time it arrives, we don’t know when, you’ve got two other hybrid hybrid SUVs, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and the Ford Escape PHEV. The goal of this transitional purchase is to get as close as possible to the characteristics of the RAV4 to minimize everyday inconvenience. In our opinion, one model stands out, the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander.

A major flaw

The Escape isn’t a bad product in itself, but it does come with some significant flaws, including the fact that its PHEV version is only available with front-wheel drive. In a climate like Quebec, with good winter tires, it can survive, but it’s not very useful when the temperature gets really bad. In comparison, not only does the Outlander offer all-wheel drive, but it’s S-AWC, one of the most capable and powerful drivetrains in the industry.


The Escape’s interior volume is the smallest in the category, especially in terms of trunk volume. At this point, Outlander does better. Yet when it comes to the interior, the build quality and finish is out of step with the Ford. It’s not quite as modern as Outlander, but it’s done better. In addition, for rear passengers, the body configuration allows easy access to the Mitsubishi, excellent visibility and sufficient clearances.


With the RAV4 Prime, you’ll be entitled to an estimated range of 68 kilometers per charge, currently unbeatable. For the Escape PHEV, the manufacturer advertises a range of 61 kilometers, which is impressive. In the case of the Outlander, we are only talking about 39 kilometers. The difference is very significant. However, depending on your needs, this may be sufficient.


Currently in the world of cars, selling almost any car is very easy, not a problem. However, given Quebec’s realities, an all-wheel drive product is more likely to find a buyer and retain a higher value, so the Outlander PHEV will be preferred for this interim purchase between now and the arrival of your RAV4 Prime. .