Where to stop the car at Barajas airport?  Types of car parking

Where to stop the car at Barajas airport? Types of car parking

Although it is possible to reach Barajas airport by public transportation, the schedule, distance, or amount of cargo often prevents us from using it to fly. So where do we park the car?

It is inevitable when we go for air travel What works best for us is to take our car to the airport. It is often even more important. This way, we take less time to arrive and we can transport all the luggage we need in a comfortable way.

However, get a affordable parking at Madrid airport it can be tricky. And if we are not careful, we could end up having to pay extra on our way back, when a few days later we will have to pick up our car. To avoid this, let us give you a few tips.

Car parking search engine at Barajas airport

Don’t think about it anymore, the best thing you can do is use a web search engine. With this useful tool you can access the location, prices and services of each car park located at the airport or its surroundings. Also for the type of parking (covered, long stay, etc.).

Additionally, you can even set aside space to avoid any kind of inconvenience when starting the trip. No problems, no rush; just arrive, leave the car and go to the boarding station.

Parclick.es provides all the necessary information to secure parking for all securities and at a reasonable price.

In Parclick.esit is as simple as entering the airport we are going to move, the date of departure and departure and the type of vehicle we are traveling in, be it a car, a car, a motorcycle, a truck or even a car. then.

Once the data is entered, the search engine shows you a a map with available parking spaces and a list that you can plan closely with the airport or price according to your needs. All you have to do is click on the one that interests you the most and meet the terms of each service, which can be very different:

  • 24-hour service
  • Video monitoring
  • Receipt of car keys
  • valet
  • Collection and delivery in terminal
  • flex entry
  • Available to people with low mobility (PRM)

These and other options are displayed by an icon – as well as in the caption text – next to important information as when you should do login.

It also tells you how to access car parking if you do not use it pick-up or valet service or how you should take your car on return. Similarly, important data such as free cancellation terms or any additional information that may be required.

In fact, and this is very important, you can also get feedback from customers who have already used every service, as well as processing seat reservationso you don’t have to worry about anything the day you go to the airport for your trip.

Save by placing the parking space

Services such as Parclick.es allow you to set up parking spaces throughout Spain, save up to 70% of price in the process.

Currently, the search engine is available locally eight countries and 240 citieswhich makes it possible to store up to 1,800 car parks, of which 470 are located at airports, ports and terminals.

Getting to the airport in your private car is very easy using Parclick.es.

How Parclick Works

  1. Find your car parking! Enter address, hotel, restaurant, airport …
  2. Compare, book! View prices, distance, other users’ comments …
  3. And Save! Upon arrival, simply indicate the space provided in the parking lot

No need to post anything again! Also, you can download The Parclick.es app on the App Store and on Google Play.

Have you already tried it? Then do not hesitate to tell us about your experience.

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