“When will you strike?  », Vinci Autoroutes shock campaign

“When will you strike? », Vinci Autoroutes shock campaign

Workers working on French road networks and roads, “patrols” as they are often called, are performing a dangerous profession. Service missions that have become more dangerous in recent months than in the past. This is at least the feeling of this profession, the feeling of unfortunately justified by the horrible statistics.

“Four officers have been killed in the intervention since the beginning of the year on the entire French road network and roads”Angry Vinci Autoroutes, adding that on average “more than 1 car is still hit every week on its network” and 2 on average over the entire French road network under agreement. In most cases (3 out of 5 cases), these accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep or not paying attention.

17 Steps to Raising Awareness

Tired, basta! This is what the road safety helpers, these “guard angels” who are ready to help drivers 24/24 and 7/7 are crying out for. As employees of the Vinci Autoroutes group.

On the eve of a summer vacation, the seller wanted to make an impression. It is formalizing the launch of a major operation, a shock and mobilization of the trip that will traverse its entire French network during July.

“A special convoy, consisting of 6 tank carriers, each with three damaged vehicles, will pass through 17 VINCI Autoroutes network service sites in France with a simple and important question like its poster:” When will you strike? ”»launched the operator this morning.

6 tank carriers, each with 3 damaged vehicles, will cross 17 Vinci Autoroutes network service sites throughout July – Crédit Vinci Autoroutes

This awareness campaign with a deliberately critical message begins on July 1 at the Vienne toll gate (38), at the gate of the A7 road. It is an opportunity for Vinci Autoroutes agents to express their frustration with the conflicts in which they are victims. On the other hand, its purpose is to motivate drivers and the general public “Finally be aware of the dangers of certain behaviors” driving: especially the use of smart phones, disrespect for distance, drowsiness or complete ignorance of the so-called “safety zone” *.

The powerful demonstrations that the Vinci Autoroutes group will perform across France in the next few weeks hope to finally change the minds of drivers, through shocking images but above all through many exchanges and education. Operation slogan “When will you strike? » it will also be posted through a poster campaign, on service sites and on social networks.

* Safety Zone: This law has been part of the Highway Code since 2018. It includes leaving the freeway or moving to the left as far as possible from the traffic route as you approach the area where the traffic is used. rescue and support personnel. , and especially road agents.