when minivans had all the courage!

when minivans had all the courage!

Born in the 1980s, small cars dominated for almost 40 years before being replaced by SUVs. We remember them as classic and family cars, they were also sporty and aggressive.

Twenty years ago, minivans were at the center of the ranks of French car manufacturers. They marked their catalog as the Peugeot 807/Citroën C8 with a 3.0 V6 engine of more than 200 hp or the Renault Espace IV 3.5 V6 distilling 245 hp. Necessary, irrevocable, even thought to be eternal. So much so that the very sporty versions are designed to enable these high-profile single-volume silhouettes, as opposed to flexibility and driving pleasure.

Xsara Picasso, the artist appeared for the runway

In 2002, the Swiss designer Franco Sbarro worked extensively on the Citroen Xsara Picasso.© DR

Citroen Xsara Picasso was better than a goose with a double chevron brand, the model was a lifesaver. What? Is it to honor him that the manufacturer gave carte blanche to the Swiss designer Franco Sbarro, who completely abandoned the model of the Picasso Cup in 2002? Body enlargement does not happen automatically The passenger vehicle appears to be based on a DTM car, the German Touring Championship.

In the background, a ground effect emitter keeps the sound. But the highlight is the doors that open like a gull wing like that of the Mercedes 300 SL. One piece doors between back and front. You can not imagine a more attractive car-up. In the cabin, any concept of modularity has disappeared since four bucket seats have appeared. Finally, under the hood, it is the 2.0 Peugeot 306 S16 engine that manages, increased to 250 hp. Last PSA then!

F1 position, between one position and one seat

With its mid-mounted V10 engine and four bucket seats spread all around, the Renault Espace F1 has a special family feel.
With its mid-mounted V10 engine and four bucket seats spread all around, the Renault Espace F1 has a special family feel.© DR

In 1994, Renault opened the ball with a bang with its Espace F1, a bold little car. A car that kills two birds with one stone. First, he celebrated with panache at the Paris Motor Show, the 10th anniversary of the appearance of the Espace in the Renault lineup. Second, through its 780 hp 3.5-liter V10 engine, it was a link between Formula 1. where the diamond brand has been the best since 1979 and production cars sold in dealerships. For the record, the last time an Espace F1 was used was in 2002 with Jean Ragnotti at the wheel.

Today, new minivans have disappeared from circulation. There is no more in the range of Citroën and in Renault, the closure of the Scenic is scheduled at the end of the year. SUVs have replaced them, they are available in coupes, and they are also electrified. In the end, they recreated a different environment for cars, but for how long?

Posted on 09/09/2022 Updated 09/09/2022