when Elizabeth II slept at the Château de Sassy in Orne

when Elizabeth II slept at the Château de Sassy in Orne

Sybille Goirand was only six years old at the time, but she remembers well: “We had to prepare the house to celebrate the Queen who was coming for a three-day visit to the stud farms of Normandy.” In 1967, the current owner of Château de Sassy, ​​near Argentina in Orne, welcomed Queen Elizabeth II and her parents for a few days at home. After the king’s death on Thursday September 8, he recounts this visit to France Bleu Normandie on Friday September 9.

The “queen’s bedroom” in the castle

“I had to jump on the bed to lubricate, because at that time the mattress was made of cotton, and my parents were very afraid that it would be too hard for the queen”, he remembers. “He landed with forty suitcases, and we had to hire a cook!” As a little girl, she did not have special time with the queen, but her father saw her a lot. “In these three days, he took him around the stud farm in his Alfa Romeo”.

For the occasion, the family redecorates one of the bedrooms of the house, since called “Queen’s Room”. “We redid the bathroom on purpose, to make it modern”. The announcement of the Queen’s death at the age of 96, on Thursday evening, had a special resonance at the Château de Sassy. “Especially for my older sister, who experienced this visit very closely”, insists Sybille Goirand.

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