WhatsApp unlocks a new emoji feature

WhatsApp unlocks a new emoji feature

WhatsApp is planning a large number of new features by 2022. Among them was the emoji feature, which has been in operation since September last year. Now Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has announced that it is now available to all users. The function is intended to save time and prevent unwanted message writing. Because instead of responding with a short word “yes”, “no” or emoji, you can reply to a message from the person you are contacting by replying. Telegraph users can see how this works. The alternative to WhatsApp introduced this feature earlier in the year.

This is how the new emoji feature works on WhatsApp

On Facebook, Meta Zuckerberg boss clear in a few words: A new emoji feature is here. You can imagine how the message responses work as follows. Conversations in conversations on WhatsApp are often similar: someone is texting you, which often does not require an answer. However, you want to show your contact that you care. Even if blue ticks are enough, the answer is usually emoji. Apparently, WhatsApp itself knows that too, which is why the news response was created.

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Instead of quickly responding with “yes”, “no” or emoji, you can now reply to messages from the person you are contacting by replying. WhatsApp has started to find something that Apple, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram have been doing for a long time. Messages can be marked with emoji here. So if the message does not require an answer, you can simply paste it with your thumb, heart or laughing emoji. This way your contact can see that you have read their message and based on the responses they can see what you think about it.

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In group discussions, this also has the advantage that all participants can see your comments by message, published link or image. True to the slogan: Emoji says more than a thousand words.

This is how he looks

For seven months there has been a debate about the answers that will come. Now known: WhatsApp initially provides six responses: Aside from the thumb in response to the “I love” emoji, there is also a heart, a funny, sad and surprised emoji with folded hands signifying “thank you”.

This is how the message message on WhatsApp looks

But that is just the beginning. Because as a WhatsApp blog with information They beat the news reported that developers are already working on the extension of the computation option. In the future, users should be able to respond to any emoji.

This is what you need to know if you still do not have a feature

If you still can’t find the emoji feature on your mobile phone, you should check out the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to see if there is a new version of the messenger. If not, you should be patient for a while. It can take approximately seven days for all WhatsApp users to have that feature on their phones.

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