what you need to know before you leave this winter

what you need to know before you leave this winter

In a few months, many motorhomes will be heading to Morocco to enjoy a colder winter than in France. If you are taking this trip for the first time, here is what you need to know before you go.

20 degrees or more is the ambient air temperature that Morocco promises every winter. Therefore, from the beginning of each new winter season, the owners of complex houses, first of all retired couples, arrive from all over Europe to come and spend these few winter months in the heart of the Kingdom, where the unique natural landscape and the excellent car infrastructure of comfort is an indisputable asset for nomadic travel. Not to mention the cost of living in general than in France and cheaper fuel prices in Morocco, for example, A liter of diesel currently costs around €1.40.

Never drink and drive

Traveling to Morocco with your motorhome, The least obstacle is probably going to Marseille by road, then taking a boatfor example through Of the South, specialized in this type of service with the Marseille-Tangier link, the entry point to Morocco, in the north of the country. Remember that for a French or EU citizen who stays less than 90 days in Morocco, a passport is sufficient without the obligation to obtain a visa. Once he arrived in Morocco, after a 40-hour cruise and after spending more than €1,100 on average for couples with a motor home, it is important to know the speed limits that apply in Morocco and that here they are:

  • 40 km / h in the city center
  • 60 km / h in the city
  • 100 km/h outside urban areas
  • 120 km / h on the highway.

Highway code always, remember that the alcohol level when driving in Morocco must be zero, in other words 0. If not, then you expose yourself to a fine between 500 and 1,000 euros ! Finally, and this is undoubtedly the most interesting point, Morocco is well provided with the infrastructure of cars and vehicles, The Kingdom has many camps for this purpose and all the necessary equipment for your well-being and your car (be careful, “wild” motorhome is strictly prohibited there), at a much lower price than in France.

Posted on 06/09/2022 Updated 06/09/2022