What would a Tesla motorcycle look like?  The designer shows a good example!

What would a Tesla motorcycle look like? The designer shows a good example!

Definitely one of the confused of the electric car market is that there is none Tesla motorcycle. After all, we are talking about a brand of memory in the production of electric vehicles, but it is managed by a CEO who has no sympathy for two-wheeled vehicles.

That doesn’t stop other designers from imagining what an electric motorcycle made by Tesla would look like! Moreover, it looks encouraging Designers create more and more amazing projections – like this rimless bike, check it out below!

Tesla Motorcycle by Victor Gomez

Spanish architect Victor Rodriguez Gomez designed the Tesla motorcycle. So, right Model Tesla MThis electric motorcycle was inspired by car lines electricity brand. In addition, its design introduced more future features.

The first impression is on the handle. For the first time this Tesla motorcycle would be made of that part returnable. Which may seem strange to some, since, since it is a motorcycle, there will be no need to hide the handlebars and the motorcycle is turned off. However, it ends up being another aesthetic choice of the designer.

Tesla motorcycle

Tesla Model M panel region

Victor Gomez also thought of the model and removable battery. Which is already a reality in some manufacturers of electric motorcycles. Another surprising detail is the rimless wheels, which give the impression that the bike only has tires. Therefore, the design requires suspension technology, capable of turning the wheels without support in the middle of the rim.

This Tesla motorcycle is also an idea based on the company’s technological capabilities. In this way, the designer had the freedom to create motorcycles with things that other manufacturers have not yet done. Since it is a design project, there is no information about the possible numbers of performance of this motorcycle.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Doesn’t Want to Produce Motorcycles

All this would be possible if not certain personal anger of Tesla CEO Elon Musk with a motorcycle. The billionaire has already admitted to being dissatisfied with the two-wheeler, due to a ‘near accident’ in his youth.

“I was ride a motorcycle when I was a kid and I did motocross for about eight years. I also had a road bike until I was 17 years old and I was almost killed by a truck, so we are not going to make a motorcycle,” he said during the student conference. Therefore, we are only following with estimates and opinions of what the union between Tesla and motorcycles would be like. .