What to expect from Hyundai’s N-Day?

What to expect from Hyundai’s N-Day?

Next July 14 (July 15, in South Korea) will take place N Day by Hyundai, a celebration of the manufacturer’s high-performance models where some new features will be unveiled. Hyundai has also published some indices for these models. Everything suggests that it is IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 N.

The event will be held live from South Korea where several media, including RPM, will have the opportunity to attend remotely. The details of the presentation are unclear, and Hyundai refuses to tell us what it is, but, according to what the manufacturer recently published online, it could be the unveiling of two new high-performance electric models, namely the IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 N.

Note that, so far, no electric car from Hyundai has yet carried the letter N. Only the Veloster, Elantra and Kona have been replaced by this performance division.

Hyundai IONIQ 5

The manufacturer however provided clues through a South Korean Facebook post. There are two images: in the first, we see a car spinning at high speed on a closed circuit. Painted in powder blue – the iconic color of Hyundai’s N range of cars – the design appears to reflect the shape and proportions of the IONIQ 5. However, the image is too blurry to confirm this. That being said, images of the IONIQ 5N’s hidden prototypes have already leaked online.

The second picture is more interesting because it shows a car hidden under a sheet that seems to have the shape of a sports sedan with a big spoiler or, even, of a coupe. It could actually be the N version of the recently launched IONIQ 6.

Hyundai IONIQ 6

However, its long hood and the fact that its interior seems to be stretched towards the rear of the car could mean that it is another car. Since the IONIQ 7 will be an SUV, will it be the IONIQ 8?

It is still too early to say, but it is surprising that Hyundai designers have created such a design for an electric car. Note that this type of car does not need to have a long bonnet due to the absence of a heated engine. So it will be interesting to see what Hyundai has in store for us with this car.

In its publication, written in Korean, Hyundai asked the following question: “Do you want to rediscover the pleasure of driving an old car in tomorrow’s electric cars? Clearly, the manufacturer is trying to prepare purists for sports cars that do not use gasoline. RPM will make sure it covers this long awaited event to give you all the details.


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