what should be improved on this car

what should be improved on this car

For many Model 3 owners, their purchase is probably one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. Because it really is a fun Tesla to drive.

He is used to turning the good situations of everyday life into real assets on his behalf. Certain instruments or controls, as well as the design distinguish this electric car from others. And they allow him to redefine what driving should be in the 21st century.

However, in the best of balance, certain flaws can be highlighted…

Here is a small, non-exhaustive list of what can be improved on the Tesla Model 3.

From a connection point of view:

  • From time to time, mistakes and errors: nothing serious, but anyone who isn’t tech savvy can tear their hair out over it… These few bugs may require a reboot. Which is not a big deal in itself, but it makes you lose 2/3 minutes here and there.
  • Without forgetting a bad phone connection (no reading text messages, or listening to music via Spotify, etc.). Indeed, as for the control of the phone, the options to pick up and drop off should be able to “tap” using the buttons on the steering wheel.
  • It is true that Mobile phone connectivity is sometimes missing from a car’s infotainment system. If we park underground at work, so the car will not have a LTE coverage in the garage, it also seems to lose the ability to reconnect when returning to the ground (perhaps weekly). A few times a month it seems to require a reboot of the line to reconnect to LTE.

In terms of security…

  • Volume control is still very limited. The 2012 Ford has even better audio control options. Voice and speech recognition was worse in this car, which doesn’t have many flaws in Tesla. But there were more phrases he could recognize. Including some that are really important, like “Call Sarah on the phone”. Right now, in Tesla, you can just say “Call Sarah”, and you can find all the numbers there in the address. This requires scrolling to find the correct number and tapping the screen.
  • The speed limit is not enough. The cruise control function works very well. But in cities especially, you want to set a 50km/h limit and be able to control the speed of the car. Which is currently impossible.
  • More than that, automation is not yet complete and sometimes you don’t understand the behavior of your car. It also seems to work better in the US than in Europe: typically, the pilot asks you to steer every 20 seconds in Europe. And touching the steering wheel doesn’t count as interference. It’s a bit sad…

And to finish…

  • No Rear Traffic Alert: rear view is bad. The trunk lets you see everything directly behind you, and the side mirrors don’t go far enough. However, it is a simple safety feature that can be very useful when there are people on the road and you want to be sure that you do not damage your jewel…
  • No 360 panoramic view: Well yes, it is still more practical!
  • Automatic windshield wipers are not aggressive enough. Improved with software updates. But their performance is still insufficient. It is questionable whether the use of a front camera always works better than the rain sensors used in all other cars with screen wipers.
  • Ending sometimes seems cheap, like the Tesla Model 3 steering wheel for example… In addition, the piano black plastic covers for the center console area are scratch and dust magnets. Still, for a car of this brand and price, it will need a better configuration in such a popular location. Obviously this is a common complaint when center console covers are a common purchase for Model 3 owners.

And you, do you agree with all these points of improvement of Tesla photo car? Or, on the contrary, do you disagree with some? Above all?

Do not hesitate to answer in the comments!

Source: Reddit