What is the value of a traveler’s rest?

What is the value of a traveler’s rest?

Mercedes recently updated its C-Class sedan with two station wagon, but also an adventurous All-Terrain version. An alternative to SUVs that can impress such fans, with Audi Allroad and Volvo CrossCountry in sights.

Discover our notebook on the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain wheel, in its 220d diesel version. Strengths, weaknesses, technical paper…

What is it about?

Nominated Audi A4 Allroad rival, Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain The “barodeur station wagon” version of the Etoile saloon was updated in 2021. Available with two hybrid 48V engines: 204 hp C200 petrol from € 55,750 and 200 hp C220d diesel from € 59,150.

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Finish: correct despite the hard plastic under the cone. Very good sound insulation despite non-laminated glazing.

Space and ergonomics: a very good position to drive thanks to a variety of adjustments when the seats are electric and memory. The central screen turned slightly towards the driver and in the image format. On the other hand, depressing ergonomics, especially with all touch controls: buttons on the steering wheel, ceiling light (lights and sun) or even shortcuts under the touch screen are hard to understand. It has no quick feedback and it is not uncommon to push sounds up to two notes instead of one.

Board positions: nice knee and head position back.

Store and trunk: instead of small front storage compartments, as well as small bottle storage bins on door frames and a small storage area with a pliers on the center cone, instead of a gear lever (mounted behind the steering wheel like a wiper stalk). The trunk volume is very close to that of the Audi A4 Allroad (495 to 1,495 liters) or Volvo V60 Cross Country (519 to 1,431 liters).

Connection: 12.3 inch and 11.9 inch screens with incorrect definition. Many features are saved in the menu and sub-menu. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are easily displayed on the main screen.

Comfort and happiness

Debt repayment: very well, you will not feel the defects of the road and other potholes despite the absence of experimental suspension. On a very smooth highway, you can even imagine yourself on a magic carpet!

Directions: a little emotion, a quick and unconventional direction, even in a Game or Individual setting.

Engine approval / distribution: smooth engine, good performance (0 to 100 km / h at 7.8 s) and excitement to take. Comfortable acoustic comfort for diesel, despite increasing speed while accelerating. A nine-speed automatic responsive distribution despite a few errors during setup. Turn off the engine at less than 10 km / h during slowing down due to small hybrids.


Equipment: precise device level at entry level (11.9 inch touch screen with Carplay and Android Auto, dual air conditioner, keyless start) but there are still many options to add through the menu: roof for € 1,700, pack Premium for € 3,750 with Digital Light Matrix lamps, improved realistic navigation, unlockable access, perfect ambient lighting and front and electric front seats.

Usage: 6.5 liters on a mixed road-city trip, but a small 40-liter tank (compared to 66 liters for other engines)

Gifts and bonuses / penalties: Big bills (from € 59,150) but within the scope of the competition: Audi A4 Allroad from € 53,200, Volvo V60 Cross Country from € 61,250

Our opinion

We love it

  • Operation comfort and stability
  • Position on board
  • Driving healthy…

We love it a little

  • … but a little stronger
  • Ergonomics can be improved
  • Decreased finish quality


Highly oriented for comfort, the C-Class All-Terrain will appeal to SUV-shaped fans who prefer to drive down and want space on the board. On the other hand, it will be necessary to adjust the hard touch controls to capture…

Technical paper

Tested model: Mercedes C220d All-Terrain 4Matic

Price (from): € 59,150

Tested design (with optional): € 69,950

Average manufacturer / test time: 5.0 l / 100 km / 6.5 l / 100 km

Engine: 2.0 four-cylinder diesel

Distribution: all-wheel drive (4Matic), 9-speed automatic transmission

Power: 200 hp (+ 20 hp power supply)

Torque: 440Nm

Weight (kg): 1,875

Height (m): 4.87

Chest for 5 / for 2 (l): 490 / 1,510

Photo: DR.

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