What is the cheapest car among French highway cars?

What is the cheapest car among French highway cars?

Progress, only progress … only progress? This is where we would end up wanting to swallow with modern cars. While this is true in many respects, whether active or quiet safety is mentioned, the modern car still suffers from a number of ailments, ranging from decreased comfort, be it large and large wheels or steering gear designed for change rather than filtering road defects. .

If Citroën finds gaps in the field, the French manufacturer has often made smoothness his priority. A beautiful new display with its Citroën C5 X stand which pampers, cajoles, protects your kidneys. And, after hundreds of miles on board, you come out of it like a massage session: clean and relaxing. With hydraulic shock absorbers operating at pressure as in the rebound, the concentrated sedan converts road ridges into smaller currents.. Yes, there are a lot of low-speed lifting sounds on large fittings and, when absorbing very tight barriers, body movements are amazing. But it is impossible to get better, except to pay more, especially to benefit from air suspension. Especially since, unlike the high-frequency version, which we drove more than 1,000 miles in Spain, the Citroen C5 X here on the test is not recommended, in addition, due to the controlled contamination. Best of all, this version is, in our opinion, even more convincing.

The material may be more pleasing to the Citroen C5 X.© Citroen

Large land clearance

In order not to ruin the celebration, the Citroën traveler welcomes his guests with all due respect that a big road car must know how to display, and even, here, a little extra. Thanks to its large ground clearance (19.4 cm), the Citroën C5 X allows you to sit on the board without putting too much strain on your lower back.. The latter will also be at the ceremony thanks to the large and soft seats. The rear guests are also comfortable with a large bench seat and more than enough space to spread their legs. Finally, if it does not have a unique structure like its body function, which combines a variety, the driving space is “relaxing”. Understand with this that, unlike most cars, which combine dashboard with fun displays, with a lot of interesting light and screens as a means of a home appliance television, The Citroen C5 X is relatively small, with a small speed screen and a wide range of compatible devices.

The Citroen C5 X is available with PureTech 130 hp gasoline.© Citroen

Lack of approval

But this seasonal cocktail does not necessarily appeal to everyone. Starting with those who like to drive hard. If the road behavior of this Citroën C5 X is severe and its suspension, as our tests confirm, is similarly severe, the “boat” side of the machine may be unpleasant. Especially due to the lack of seat support it proves that the winding roads are not its cup of tea. Other complaints: if it provides adequate performance in full terms – less than 1,500 kg on the scales it helps – and that it is not too fast on the pump, 1.2 PureTech 130 hp lacks performance. comfortable in this sedan. The eight-speed automatic transmission that is commonly associated is rude in the city, with unpleasant explosions.

Finally, the Citroën C5 X offers a critique on the presentation side, with a non-cash-based material (plastic veins resembling wood are deceptive to the touch), and provides date drawings, on the main screen for the counter only. -two display head-up. It is amazing for a car that is also targeted at the Chinese and which is also being developed on the site. But that is the price to pay to provide smoothness at a competitive price (from € 32,900) in…

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