What is Bolsonaro’s car?  What is Lula’s car?  See the cars advertised by the candidates

What is Bolsonaro’s car? What is Lula’s car? See the cars advertised by the candidates

In all elections, candidates, from deputies to president, must declare all assets in their name before the law. Until 2020, the information was normal. The strange thing this year is that the court decided that all assets should be disclosed in a specific way, even by street name, in real estate cases.

In this way, it was possible to know which cars each presidential candidate advertised for the right of election. O turboway found the list and published it now, in order of value – from those who have the most R$ in cars to those who don’t have a car.

What is Eymael’s car?

The first on the list is Eymael, who registered with TSE as Eymael MP. It has four models, total BRL 234,500although his youngest is 11 years old.

– Announcements –

The most expensive of them is the 2011 Mitsubishi Pajero, which according to the candidate is worth R$142,500. He also owns a 1999 Chevrolet Blazer, worth R$56,000, a 2007 Peugeot 407 worth R$24,000 and a 1994 Fiat Tipo, worth R$12,000.

Values, which are self-proclaimed, it is good to remember, do not resemble a Fipe table. In the case of the 2011 Pajero, whose declaration remains standard, the values ​​of the 2011 model range from R$54,114, in the 3.5 V6 4×4 version, to R$91,854, in the complete HPE version.

The 1999 Blazer, a model that powered the SP Military Police for many years, costs R$ 24,000, according to Fipe. On sites like Webmotors, it is possible to find cars with higher prices even advertised by a candidate.

The Peugeot 407, a car that has never entered the market, may cost what was announced, as the candidate did not announce the offer. 407 2007 is between R$ 20 thousand to R$ 35 thousand, depending on the line. Fiat Tipo, on the other hand, has a wide price gap in the market and the declared value is within this margin. The Tipo is a car with a history of burnout, wear and tear, but it also has fans who usually pay a lot of money for one in good condition.

What is Ciro Gomes’ car?

Ciro Gomes claimed to have a HYUNDAI ELANTRA MD 1.8 AUT. 2012/2013, SILVER, together with TOYOTA HILUX SW4 SRV 4X4, 2010/2010, which total BRL 190,000.

For the Toyota model, he claimed to be worth R$105,000, and for the Elantra, R$85,000. In Fipe they are worth R$90,000 and R$61,500, respectively.

The Elantra is a mid-size sedan that was produced by Hyundai until early 2020, when it was discontinued in its sixth generation. Despite being a good car, it ended up suffering from changes in the national market, which began to ignore sedans and give priority to SUVs. The model of Ciro Gomes is the fifth generation.

The Hilux SW4 announced by Ciro Gomes is the epitome of global success from Toyota. If here it borrows part of the Hilux truck name, in other markets it has its own name: it is the Toyota Fortuner in Asia and Oceania and the Toyota 4Runner in the United States. The model became popular in Brazil by equipping part of the SP Military Police fleet, such as the Rota.

What is Lula’s car?

TSE has not yet updated the list announced by Lula. There is also a general declaration, from before the law, and two examples of visits, which sum up BRL 133,475:

item Advertised car value
1 Car BRL 85,000.00
two Car BRL 48,475.00

There is likely to be a queue to update the property and as soon as the court releases the list, we will update it here.

What is Bolsonaro’s car?

Jair Bolsonaro did not advertise any passenger car for TSE, but a motorcycle. The candidate for re-election owns a Honda/NC 750X, 2019/2020, with a declared value of BRL 26,500. It is the only car among the 13 products announced, the total of which is R$ 2,317,554.73.

Although he announced that it is worth R$26,500, the cost of the bike, in Fipe’s table, R$44,345.

The Honda/NC 750X is a powerful hybrid motorcycle. The name NC refers to the New Concept – the new concept that the automaker wanted to offer at launch. Highlight, for example, the hood holder that is usually located in the fuel tank space.

Speaking of the tank, the capacity is 14.1 liters, which gives a range of 350 km. The maximum speed is 180 km / h.

Other candidates declare that they do not have cars

The other 8 presidential candidates: Felipe D’Avila, Léo Péricles, Pablo Marçal, Roberto Jefferson, Simone Tebet, Sofia Manzano, Soraya Thronicke and Vera announced that they did not have cars.