What if your BMW asks you for your credit card?

What if your BMW asks you for your credit card?

While automakers love post-purchase options, some smart people are happy to imagine BMWs with a credit card facility to drain the driver’s bank account.

A few days ago, we told you about these options available as a subscription after the purchase of a car in certain markets around the world for BMW. A few hours ago, Tesla announced its desire to soon charge for its on-board navigation system through subscription. A system of subscription-based options appears to be more attractive to automakers.

What give bad ideas to the product? In the video below, one had fun imagining a BMW with a credit card terminal that comes directly from the steering wheel when the driver has to pay for the option to continue their journey.

Just For Laughs

Rest assured, it’s not a brand with Propeller or other manufacturers working on such intrusive systems. But the arrival of payment options in the form of registration after the purchase of your car is very real. This concept may even become general in the coming years.