What if you bought a limousine version of a Mercedes-Benz dragster?

What if you bought a limousine version of a Mercedes-Benz dragster?

It is difficult to fly such a machine even if you are an experienced pilot. But if you feel that way, the Mercedes-brand turbojet has gone on sale in Hawaii.

It is difficult to operate such a machine, even if you are an experienced pilot. Turbojet dragster the Mercedes brand has been sold. Located in Hawaii, it was converted by its owner into a real fighter jet. The power is there!

Dragster ready for takeoff

It was purchased in 2004, the fire-breathing Mercedes has been completely upgraded. First, the body of the dragster has been airbrushed with the colors of the modified version. Orange, purple and yellow with lightning to show the power of the dragster.

Two parts make up the machine and, finally, Westinghouse J34 jet engine diesel powered. Originally, this turbojet engine was present in the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk fighter jets of the 90s. In addition, we find the bottom of the aluminum rear wing, two parachutes and a blackout system, to avoid unimproved takeoff. Wait because the sequel is not done surprising you!

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A place in the museum?

This super limousine has yet to find its way into a private collection or museum.It is sold for now 23,000 dollars (22,296 euros to be exact)This dragster can still hope to do some racing. Up front, the cockpit is set up in the System 1 system. The roll bar surrounds the cabin where there is manual control. We add a Mercedes-Benz W126 chassisof 15 inch tires with stainless steel brakes and the trailer looks ready to travel.

Interested in this car? You will have to think about shipping. The trailer accompanies the limo in sale, equipped with storage cabinets.

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