What if DS produced an electric supercar for the track?

What if DS produced an electric supercar for the track?

The DS CEO confirms the very positive public reception for the E-Tense Performance concept which, if released, would not be put on the road.

Last February, DS created a surprise by unveiling an electric sports car that actually took the form of a coupe, based on none other than Formula E entered the competition. Above, DS came to implant a hard and muscular work, which almost could happen suggesting that the manufacturer was going to be “happy” and produce the machine. But that is without relying on the presidency of Carlos Tavares who is not a fan of useless cars. However, the CEO of DS does not prevent limited production, but under certain conditions.

A sporty DS, but not a roadster

If the E-Tense Performance were produced in limited series, it would be the most powerful French car in history … along with the Bugattis.© DS

Béatrice Boucher confirms to Autocar that the reception from the E-Tense Performance presentation was excellent, perhaps encouraging the team to try to convince Stellantis management. But this coupe of more than 800 hp will not be able to step on the road, for a simple and good reason: the position of the brand, which “will never go to the game”. This has the characteristic of being open. Above all, in terms of comparison, it will be very expensive and difficult to bring the base Formula E to the road. This is why Béatrice Boucher confirms that if the car were to be produced, it would only be for the track, and at a very high price.. Will there be an audience for this type of car only in DS? I’m not sure. But only DS can judge from feedback from public and customers.

Posted on 08/01/2022 Updated 08/01/2022