What do we know about the model?

What do we know about the model?

Hyundai HB20 (Photo: Advertising/Hyundai)

THE Hyundai last month he submitted Crete N Line. This launch marked the arrival of the South Korean brand’s sports line here in Brazil. The next model that should feature N Line components will be the HB20, which has been redesigned. O Hyundai HB20 N line it should come with a 1.0 Turbo engine. See more!

Hyundai HB20 N Line
The first N Line car in Brazil was the Creta. Now, HB20 should follow the same path (Photo: Disclosure/Hyundai)

All about the Hyundai HB20 N Line, which should appear in 2023

The information is from the specialized website Motor 1 Brasil. According to the portal, the latest version of the hatch is already being developed, but it should only appear on in 2023. This means that the model will be a big novel of the “HB20 family” after the arrival of The new HB20Swhich will be held this semester.

Hyundai HB20 (Photo: Advertising/Hyundai)

O HB20 N line will enter the market with the mission to replace the HB20 Sport. This version was the sports version of the hatch before the final facelift. the arrival of Hyundai HB20 N Line it represents an increase in the number of vehicles featuring the automaker’s sports lineup around the world.


In some countries, it is possible to get a Tucson N Line or one i30 N Line. They all have important changes. In the case of Hyundai HB20, the model is expected to receive regular changes to the grille, bumper and wheels. That’s what happened when HB20 Sport was released in 2020.

Hyundai HB20 Sport (Photo: Advertising/Hyundai)

At that time, the model was also roof wrecker, side skirts and among other features. change in inside the car, in suspension, on shock absorbers and somewhere else it can also happen.

Hyundai i30 N Line (Photo: Publicity/Hyundai)

Considering the engine, Hyundai HB20 N Line it will have an engine 1.0 TGDIwhich can produce 120 hp of strength and 17.5 kgfm of torque. Distribution will be six-speed automatic. Price is anyone’s guess.

today Hyundai HB20 it costs between BRL 77,190 (Sense 1.0) and BRL 114,890 (Platinum Plus 1.0 Turbo). An example game it was not the most expensive version. already Crete N line not the most expensive Crete. This may indicate that HB20 N line it may not be the most expensive version of the compact. In the market, the car will compete directly with Chevrolet Onix RS.

Hyundai Crete Sports

Hyundai HB20 N Line
Hyundai Creta N Line (Photo: Advertising/Hyundai)

Another car that can be used as an inspiration for such changes will be Crete N Line. The small SUV was chosen to mark the beginning of the N Line sports line in Brazil. Hyundai has made several changes to the look and interior. THE front gridfor example, it is different from the section that exists in other versions.

Also, this part of the car is painted inside bright black. Remember that a sports line logo is in the region. O front bumper it has also got a new design. already front lights start counting black mask.

The car still has it Side (and rear) skirts, gloss black mirrors and roof rails, graphite painted C-pillar frame, unique 17-inch alloy wheels, dual exhaust pipes, steering wheel with graphite details , leather seat with red stitching and among other new things..

Hyundai HB20 N Line
Hyundai Creta N Line (Photo: Advertising/Hyundai)

This version has a suggested retail price of BRL 159,490. This model has an engine under the hood 1.0 Turbowhich can produce 120 hp of strength and 17.5 kgfm of torque. Distribution is a six-speed automatic. Now it remains to be seen when Hyundai HB20 N line it will be released and how it will look like an SUV.

With news from Motor 1 Brazil

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