What do we know about the model that should arrive in Brazil?

What do we know about the model that should arrive in Brazil?

Replacing the C-Elysée, the Citroen C4 L will be manufactured in Spain and will hit the market in 2023 (Image: Disclosure/Citroën)

THE Citroën promises to make many changes to its vehicle portfolio in the coming years. In Brazil, the brand will launch the new C3. In Europe, the possible arrival of the sedan causes a lot of noise. we are talking about Citroen C4 L, which may also arrive next year. It will be another part of the C4 family. In the same way that it is compact, its platform will also be CMP.

Citroen C4 L
Citroën C-Elysée (Photo: Advertising/Citroën)

Citroen C4 L: the sedan will be manufactured in Spain and will enter the market in 2023

This style is widely speculated in the Old Continent. According to the specialized website L’Argus, the car will start production in the second half of 2022. More precisely in the month of October. Its sales can begin in 2023. The factory used for its production will be the one located in the city of Madrid, the capital of Spain. This site is already used for the production of the new C4.

Citroen C4 L
Citroën C4 (Photo: Publicity/Citroën)

He would come to take the place of C-Elysée. These three books that were launched at the end of 2012 were present at the Paris Motor Show of the same year. This car is well accepted in some areas of Southern Europe and Turkey. Its dimensions are: Height 4.41 meters, 1.74 m wide and Height of 1.46 m. This car is also manufactured in Spain. Only in the city of Vigo.

The French publication also says that this The new Citroen C4 L also known for number C43. This new Citroën car would be built on a well-known platform. THE CMP platform it is already used by several modern models of the group. Among them, we can show the new Citroen C4 (which C4 L will be built), the Peugeot 208 it is Opel Corsa. The future Citroen C3 will also use this base.

Citroen C4 L
CMP System (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Citroën)

There is no official information about this matter. However, some estimates have already been made. The expectation of the European press is that it inherits several details of the new generation C4. An electronic version is also quoted. It is always good to remember that it will replace one of the main models of the brand in the Chinese market.

Is he in Brazil?

New Citroën C3 (Photo: Publicity/Citroën)

Currently, the range of Citroen passenger cars in Brazil is made up of only one car. We are talking about the C4 Cactus. He represents the automaker in the compact SUV category. However, other models may arrive in Latin America in the coming years as the brand has developed recently. They are all part of the family C-Cubed. The new C3 will be one of them, for example.

According to Mobi Auto magazine, the other two would be a SUV (project CC24) is a sedan (CC26 project). They would be released by 2024. That is, it is likely that the three volumes assumed to be sold here in the coming years will be the same (or based on) the European model.

Citroën C4 Pallas (Photo: Advertising/Citroën)

In recent years, the brand has made interesting bets in this category. In 2007, Citroen was launched in Brazil on C4 Pala. This car was well known for its versatility. Not to mention that he appeared in the soap opera “Paraiso Tropical”, on TV Globo.

He was replaced by C4 living roomin 2013. Made in Argentina, the model was also completely refined. However, it ended up being discontinued last year. Now, a new style will appear.

(With information from L’Argus, Motor.es and Mobi Auto)

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