What can Ferrari learn from past mistakes and successes?

What can Ferrari learn from past mistakes and successes?


Photo: Rodrigo Berton / Grand Prix

Ferrari seems to finally have the best car in Formula 1. The F1-75 was born better than its rivals and was also well developed when Red Bull changed its project, equaling or even surpassing its rival again. The problem is that, however, the Italians do not have the ability to use the opportunities that arise and remain away from the leadership of the championship, due to strategic mistakes, breaks or hesitation on the part of the pilots. Looking back at past triumphs as well as more difficult times, what can Ferrari learn to try to turn things around in 2022 or, at worst, as early as 2023? It’s all on the Formula 1 podcast from BIG PRIZES.

This highlight features a presentation by Gabriel Curty and commentary by Evelyn Guimarães and Luana Marino. The program is produced by Rodrigo Berton and Central 3, directed by Leandro Iamin and Gil Luiz Mendes.

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