What are the most popular car brands on TikTok?

What are the most popular car brands on TikTok?

The TikTok platform, which is very popular among young people, is experiencing a lot of interest. And among automakers, some brands are more popular than others…

UK online insurance Confused.com, analyzede number of views observed on the mobile video sharing and social networking app TikTok (developed by the Chinese company ByteDance for the non-Chinese market), through hashtags that mention on behalf of the users of the digital system every brand and every model of car.

German podium

The result, in terms of models, is the Ford Maverick and Mustang that are the most mentioned on TikTok, in terms of brands. BMW wins with 49.2 billion views (including cars and motorcycles) ! The Bavarian manufacturer is therefore ahead of its two partners Mercedes (27.1 billion) and Audi (20.4 billion) on the podium. Note that no French manufacturer is in the Top 10 of this position, a logical result since TikTok users, whose average age is 20 years, are mainly from India, China and the United States…

The position of the most popular car manufacturers on TikTok

  1. BMW: 49.2 billion views
  2. Mercedes: 27.1 billion
  3. Audi: 20.4 billion
  4. Honda: 20.4 billion
  5. Tesla: 19.1 billion
  6. Ford: 19.1 billion
  7. Lamborghini: 19 billion
  8. Toyota: 15.8 billion
  9. Ferrari: 13 billion
  10. Nissan: 11 billion
Posted on 08/04/2022 Updated 08/04/2022