“We’re closing the gap between Ferrari and Red Bull in F1”

“We’re closing the gap between Ferrari and Red Bull in F1”

George Russell is delighted to see the gap between Mercedes F1 and Ferrari and Red Bull closing. However, the driver does not believe that it will be possible to win the race in 2022 without competition problems.

“We’re closing the gap, of course,” Russell said, as quoted by Sky Sports. However, he knows that the gap between Red Bull and Ferrari is still too big at the moment to surprise them. “But the four cars at the front have a speed advantage. I hope after the holidays we can add extra things to the car, but everyone will add too.

Mercedes expects to make another change during the holidays. Red Bull announced last week that it will definitely continue to bring updates into the second half of the season, but the improvements will not be as big as they were in the first part of the year.

Russell knows his team faces a big challenge. “It won’t be easy. We still believe we can fight for victory at some point this season, but I don’t think we will have a car that will be faster,” he said. The current season still has ten Grands prix left.

The big question is how much development budget do all the teams still have. All teams have to maintain a budget limit and the question is when the maximum level of spending is reached, and how the budget is distributed throughout the year. Teams can also choose to opt out in the second half of the season to put all their resources into the 2023 car.