We read: BMW M3 / M4, full story

We read: BMW M3 / M4, full story

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Prior to becoming a well-known automotive journalist and journalist in the UK, Graham Robson was a Triumph engineer after studying mechanics at Oxford.G20 with a controversial grille, knowing that since 2014 the M3 4 door has been backed by the M4 Coupé.

If you love mechanics, you will be served because the book, not forgetting to mention the line, options or running gear, focuses mainly on mechanics. Because yes, BMW is the best engine maker, and the “behemoth” that enchanted our childhood was certainly a “face” but also the spirit of the game thanks to modern mechanics how beautiful it was.

After the introductory chapter commemorates the transformation of BMW in the 1960s with the advent of the “Neue Klasse” salons in 1961 and then the rise of the Bavarian company which relied on competition with System 2 for cylinder 6 and the creation of the Motorsport department in the country. 1972, comes the time to read both M3 and M4 for 35 years.

For each generation, the author enters very fast into the technical specifications of the different engines, from the original 2.3-liter 4 M3 first cylinder to the 6 cylinder, which reaches the 1992 E36, more efficient than its own. predecessor, then for the V8 that appeared on the E90. An in-depth analysis of engine architecture is accompanied by beautiful photographs and drawings from BMW records, which did not allow you to dive into the bowels of these legendary engines. Gold drilling made with cylinder heads, valves, crankshafts and other high-precision parts, as well as consecutive gear boxes on which cogs can also be detected.

The first M3 was created above all for the race and the author does not forget to remember the impressive E30 record in tourism, in the 24-hour Endurance Business Race or in fact at a rally, as evidenced by Bernard Beguin’s victory. in Tour de Corse. Then the second chapter refers to the massive use of the 2001 M3 GTR (quickly banned by ALMS), the M3 GT2 and then the M3 and M4 DTM. The whole thing ends with a review of the M family, technical data and performance for all generations as well as an overview of the engine.

A must have for any BMW and M3 fan.

  • Date of publication: 08/06/2022
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: Graham Robson
  • EAN 13: 9791028305048
  • Publisher: ETAI ALBUM
  • Size: 240x290mm
  • Number of illustrations: 263
  • Price: 59 euros

to summarize

The BMW M3 / M4, a complete history of completed sports cars, summarizes many technical details, especially on the engines, which have shaped the spirit and reputation of the Bavarian sports sedans.