We know the name of Volvo’s second large electric SUV!

We know the name of Volvo’s second large electric SUV!

The first step in its electrification strategy, the Recharge concept car will reach a milestone in the summer under the name Volvo EX90. The manufacturer modified its series without a revolution, just the addition of “e” as electricity.

Unveiled in the summer of 2021, the Volvo Recharge concept car already heralds the 100% future big Volvo. Brand comes outofficial today the name of its next flagship watté, it will be the Volvo EX90. A long journey capable of covering almost 1,000 kilometers without going through a charging station.

“E” for electricity

The Volvo Recharge concept is no longer an SUV but more of a crossover, as evidenced by its low silhouette.© DR

To mark its transition to 100% electric that will be effective by 2030, the manufacturer is renewing its ranges and clarifying the names of its models. In fact, the “E” indicates that it is a 100% electric drive, the “X” brings a lower silhouette of the cross, a more normal position than that of the current SUVs in the range, finally the number 90, as usual, is about. the largest format vehicles in the list. After this announcement, the next step will be the unveiling on November 9, 2022 of the Volvo EX90.

Entire nomenclature redesigned

At the same time, the manufacturer has already registered the names EC40, EXC40, EXC60 and EXC90. While the names ES60 and ES90 feature “S” saloons meaning Sedan and the EV60 and EV90 will be the names of the D and E segment power station wagons respectively. rechargeable should continue.

But what about the name Embla, referring to the very first woman created by the gods in Norse mythology? Also, it was registered with a brand that today seems to prefer, for this new era of its history, very car names instead of referring to Eve of the north. Examples of this type are many. Mercedes did the same with its EQ family, in which we now get EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE and EQS while waiting for EQG. BMW with the i3, i4 and iX and Audi with the e… tron.

Posted on 09/21/2022 Updated 09/21/2022