“We are putting Citroën on the path to growth” |  Estadão Mobility

“We are putting Citroën on the path to growth” | Estadão Mobility

Brown: In Brazil, we have two important advantages. One is that our energy production is largely based on hydroelectricity. Of course, there is a water shortage, but it is better than in countries that have to burn coal, for example. We also have ethanol, because we need to look not only at energy consumption, but at the entire chain of energy production, from start to finish.

Ethanol is the energy that will help us make the transition from a combustion engine to an electric one. We are very well prepared. We have more than eight electronic products as well as various mobility solutions. For example, we have AMI (A small electric car is sold in Europe for €6,000), which is very creative.

The Urban Collectif, launched in 2021, is a self-driving electric skateboard that can be customized. In other words, the trend is not only a matter of clean energy, but also to provide products that can have a consumer face, focused on meeting their specific needs.

We started with services because it is in this segment that sales grow the most. After all, electricity has low maintenance costs. We will continue to keep an eye on the infrastructure, and will bring more products as it progresses.