“We aim for 25,000 registrations in 2023”

“We aim for 25,000 registrations in 2023”

While ID.Buzz is on the starting blocks, with the launch announced on November 21, 2022, Ghislain Laffite, the new director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, assesses the challenges that await him.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles France will have 800 ID.Buzz in 2022 and 7,000 units in 2023.

With more than 8,300 registrations at the end of August 2022, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles France saw its volume drop (-20.3%) but took 0.3% of the market share, according to its scope. The director confirms the difficult period and the lack of production, but the amount expected in the coming months and 2023 will be high.

We should finish 2022 with more than 18,000 units, but above all we aim for 25,000 registrations in 2023, Explain Ghislain Laffite. Finally, our annual volume should be 30,000 units.“The best result for the brand in France so far is around 20,000 units.

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For next year, the arrival of ID.Buzz partly explains the stated expectations. In fact, the French general staff estimates that it will be able to count 7,000 units in 2022 (2,500 light commercial vehicles and 4,500 passenger cars) before rising to 10,000 later. In both cases, the Cargo version, i.e. VUL, should occupy more than 1/3 of the volume.

If at the international level the brand has registered 13,700 orders for the ID.Buzz, in France the number of pre-orders has now reached 2,600 units since the presentation of all the technical characteristics of the model in March 2022. The sales team also works on a pool of 5,000 people who they are very interested in the model.

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This successor to the Combi will be the first model from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to be sold under a dealership contract. Contracts are signed with the network even if there are still a few points for improvement, especially in IT and VO.

Waiting for Amarok

The year 2023 will also mark the return of the Amarok pick-up. Designed and produced by Ford, this new generation will arrive in the spring, but the capacity will be limited because, at the moment, the model will only be available in a 5-person cabin, so it will not escape punishment. Discussions on the 4-seater LCV version are open for the seat.