Waze, the best friend of electric car drivers?

Waze, the best friend of electric car drivers?

In partnership with Norauto, Waze will show the location of 13,000 charging stations in France until the end of August.

Limited freedom, charging stations are very rare and are taken by storm. At the moment, the nightmare of electric car users is undoubtedly long journeys that don’t have to be perfectly planned. To help them drive with more freedom of mind, Waze recently launched something new addressed directly to them.

In collaboration with Norauto, the navigation software makes it possible to search and find charging stations on his route or near his location. So, recently, a new icon has appeared in the program. And, 13,000 stations are listed across France. It’s about very popularout of about 60,000 in the country.

The idea is, of course, to make charging for electric cars easier. This while their number is growing rapidly, unlike the number of stations, which remains very (too?) average. Please note, however, that this new feature has an expiration date. In fact, by next August 28, it will be gone.

Charging stations on Waze, the beginning of electric cars?

Still, this experience is an impressive first step. It is hard to believe that such a novel will not be repeated in the future. If at the moment, electric cars remain in the minority compared to electric ones, this should change in the future more or less.

For this, navigation applications will also have to adapt. Fuel stations can take up less space than charging stations. Also seen as stations adding hydrogen fueldevelopment that is driven mainly by the European Union, can follow the same path.

Let’s also remember that the government was targeting 100,000 points to charge in 2021, which was not reached. TotalEnergies, for its part, is committed 200 million euros to equip more than 150 road stations and charging stations.

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